Nothing Ever Changes, Part 2

Roleplay Roleplay by SYNDICATE
On Wed, Jul05, 2017 8:08pm America/Phoenix
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Nothing Ever Changes, Part 2

*The familiar image of static consumes the screen before quickly giving way to the image of a date.*

***OCT 10, 2016 - AFTER FURY***

*The image immediately cuts to an interview between Leon Jones and Syndicate on the aforementioned date.  It is right after that night's episode of Fury.*

Jones: Why do you think you keep getting "screwed", as you put it?

*Syndicate freezes before slowly lifting his eyes back to Leon.*

Syndicate: Why?  Why do I get screwed so often?  Well, it's really simple, actually.  It's because everyone is JEALOUS.  Tommy Lipton is JEALOUS that I've surpassed him in notoriety in three short years.  Kurtis Ray is JEALOUS that I humiliated his ass at World Series.  Jeremiah Stevenson is JEALOUS that there's a bigger star within the WWX than himself.  I AM THE WRESTLING GOD, and nobody else even comes close to touching me.  It's a FACT that I'm the greatest wrestler of all time.  It's a FACT that everyone tries to knock me down.  But it's a FACT that EVERY DAMN TIME I get screwed, I work my way back up and I kick everyone's ass along the way.


*The video is interrupted by a shorter burst of static.  This time, the static is replaced by the smirking mug of Syndicate.  He is sitting in a brown La-Z-Boy recliner, presumably within his Los Angeles apartment.  The four-time World Champion holds the World title in his lap and is dressed in his usual attire of white leather jacket, black t-shirt, and worn-down blue jeans.*

Syndicate: A lot's changed since October.  I'm not the "Wrestling God" that I once proclaimed myself to be.  Jeremiah Stevenson is long gone.  I've beaten Tommy and Kurtis multiple times over.  And...most importantly, I've won the World title three times over.  But, just like I said in what could possibly be my most famous interview...nothing ever changes in the WWX.

*The smile on his face slowly fades.*

Syndicate: The rule was clear: if Krimzon or Cam managed to pin me or make me tap out, they would earn a future title shot.  Last time I checked, a "draw" does not count as a win for anybody.  Plus, I'm pretty sure Darkness is the current #1 contender, not these bozos.  So, theoretically, this triple-threat Street Fight for the World Championship shouldn't even be happening.

*He pauses for a brief moment.*

Syndicate: But I'm used to getting screwed over by now.  "Nothing ever changes" and all that.  Honestly, the same three-word phrase could be used to describe my opponents perfectly.  Let's start with Cam and his ballsy video.  Cam, to me, you're acting like you've already won the title.  You're partying it up with your buddies, renouncing alcohol for the moment but still focusing on other things.  All of your friends are more concerned with drinking than seeing what you have to bring to the table on Mayhem.  But the thing haven't won the title.  You won't win the title.  Not now, and as long as I'm around, not ever.

Syndicate: Remember what I said to you last time, Cam?  How you're all hype?  Well...nothing ever changes, and that's no exception.  Yeah, you hit a pretty cool crossbody or whatever to send Krimzon and I to the ground.  I can respect that.  But besides a flashy move here or there, what do you really have?  One single highlight doesn't make you the "Franchise".  It makes you a one-hit wonder.  The Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship is not designed for one-hit wonders, Cam.  It's meant for CHAMPIONS, something that you are most definitely not.

*Syndicate smirks again.*

Syndicate: Oh yeah, and by the way, that other guy that's in the match?  Krimzon Blaze is his name, and while I may not like his ways of conducting business at this stage of his career, he can damn sure tear you limb from limb if you don't pay him enough attention.  So maybe, Cam, you show the man some damn respect before he beats it out of you.  Just a tip!

*He leans back in the La-Z-Boy, not reclining but still relaxed.*

Syndicate: Speaking of the man himself, let's move on to good ol' Krim - I still hope it's alright that I call you Krim.  Unlike Cam, I'm not afraid to call you by name or to address you directly.  I'm just going to get this out of the way: I don't like you.  I've never liked you.  As we've addressed before, I don't like these part-time legends that try and steal the spotlight from the next generation.  But that's not why I don't like you specifically.

Syndicate: I don't like your persona.  Let me explain.  When you go out to the ring, you're the legendary high flyer who will do anything to appease the crowd while still kicking ass at the same time.  You make sure that the WWX Universe is on your side 100% of the time with your flippy shit and pandering.  But I know you better than that, Krim.  I can see, deep down, that you really just want this.

*He pats the World title on his lap.*

Syndicate: More than anything, you want what I have.  And just like everyone else in this industry, you would trade away that crowd loyalty in an instant for a shot at this belt.  Now, luckily for you, my good ol' friend, James Bourne, decided just to give you the title shot outright.  But we both know that, just like Tommy Lipton, you're a greedy little bitch on the inside that wants gold around his waist at all costs.  However, because nothing ever changes, you're going to get beat by the Los Angeles Outlaw, just like Tommy Lipton.

*Syndicate chuckles.*

Syndicate: In conclusion, I don't care what James Bourne tries to fling at me.  I've been screwed by him before, and I'll be screwed by him again.  I don't believe in flippy shit, and I don't believe in hype.  I believe in survival.  I know, without a doubt, that I can survive you two and retain my title.  It won't be flashy, it won't be hype-worthy, but it will be more than enough.  I would wish you both luck...but not even luck will be able to save you now.  Welcome to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate flashes his signature smile as the feed is eaten up by static.*


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