Nothing For Your Troubles

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Thu, May18, 2017 12:40pm America/Phoenix
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Nothing For Your Troubles
The scene pans to a broken down neighborhood in a residential area in Sea Isle, NJ, the home of Rex McAllister. It's early morning. There is radio silence at the moment and time. The sun has not risen yet. Temperature is abnormally warm. Rex is shown almost immediately walking along on a sidewalk at a slow methodical pace. Rex is sporting a plain white tshirt, and dark khaki shorts, and black tennis shoes. Rex's mind has been running amok as he thinks about plenty of things...things that he has done in his life, in wrestling, and what he intends to do in the future. Rex is always thinking, and it's because he does that he always makes sure the ebb and flow between his life and wrestling are balanced out and given its proper perspective, allowing him to be successful in both.

Rex continues on as the camera crew has caught up with him finally up close and personal. Rex gives off a rather radiant smile as goes to speak, but his tone is a stern one.

Rex McAllister: Patterns. They exist in almost every phase of our seemingly patternless lives, and the most common pattern of all are the circles we make in everything basic we do on a repetitive basis. We wake up, we eat, we plan our day out, we set goals, we set our daily planner in motion, we accomplish things, and finally we sleep. Then the whole process begins again and again through every new day of each month of each passing year. All the while we are expected to be aware of certain things that are integrally tangible to ensure we continue to prosper in the one life we are granted with. 

Rex ponders for a moment as he continues walking along on the sidewalk before speaking some more.

Rex McAllister: A great deal of these patterns remain true to their very core in wrestling as well. Perhaps I'm particularly serious, because I'm not unaware of the potential absurdity of what I'm doing. There must be a happy medium somewhere between being totally informed and blissfully unaware to have any chance of becoming anything in a company like this.

Rex gets to the end of the neighborhood and turns the corner and continues on walking. His expression is now a more satisfying one as he becomes reminiscent for a moment.

Rex McAllister: When I arrived in World Wrestling Xistence nearly two years ago, I was well aware of just what I was walking into. I was aware of who I was. I was aware of who was who, how the ship was run, what the rules of engagement were, how to distinguish between regular cookie cutter talents, and the big dogs of the yard, and most of all, how to mentally break each and everyone of them down.

Rex stares toward the camera giving off a devious smirk.

Rex McAllister. I can see and listen clearly with my own eyes and ears of just how unaware you are of the absurdity the two of you speak with every word that leaves your mouths. I can tell without question how green you are. From your petty ultimatums, to your mind boggling analysis of just what it takes to succeed in this company, and how to make everyone take notice of who you are. From the best that I can tell, you two don't put a whole lot thought into the basic things you do, plan, or say. You're soon going to find out just how flawed you two really are as you speak in our stead.

Rex chuckles a bit to himself as a car passes on by.

Rex McAllister: So you're the Dark One, are you? The machine, right? No...that's not really you, is it? What have you done? What dark sanctuaries have you come from, Tom? What dark deeds have you committed here? Or anywhere else for that matter? Understand right now, Tom, that by working your way up the ranks to challenge for these prestigious title belts held by the greatest tag team since the days of TNT and Fuse, Mad Bronco and Crazy Horse, The Bomb Squad...understand that it's going to take so much more than simply being The Dark One, or some machine as you claim yourself to being. 

Rex McAllister: You see, you call yourself these names, but overall, I don’t see or think of someone who is dark, or someone that continues on and on nonstop like a machine. In fact, all I can seem to think of is...gimmick infringement. Yes, gimmick infringement. The Dark One...the Dark One, that's the legend himself, Darkness. The Machine? That's Xavier Pendragon, who quite frankly would knock the unholy living crap out of you for how terrible a job you've done in depicting what a machine is good for. 

Rex chuckles some more shaking his head in amusement.

Rex McAllister: However, I digress a bit, Pure Darkness. That's what you and Polaris are, correct? But who's really the one running ship between the two of you? I don't think it's YOU! It's that lowdown, manipulative, slithering little snake in the grass, the one that masquerades around as a Bishop. He doesn't have your best interests in mind despite what he says on the surface. He cares nothing for you. He's got you feeding right from the palm of his hand. You're the marionette, and he's pulling all the strings. You’re easily swayed one way or the other, Tom. Such a shame. Two combustible personalities destined to implode. 

Rex gives off a sly grin now

Rex McAllister: Just listen, Tom...listen as your so called partner speaks. Listen as he proudly announces his glorious plan in front of the world! Then listen to the great emphasis that he places on his very last statement “I. Want. My. Titles”. There’s no “I” or “my” in team, now is there? 

Rex asks rhetorically as his facial expression is quizzical.

Rex McAllister: Now the way I see it, first of all, the Lipton - McAllister tandem lays down for absolutely nobody. Secondly? Tommy Lipton and myself, we've destroyed the careers of men much greater and much more distinguished than yourselves, and that much will be made abundantly clear in that ring when we're through with you, and then later when you leave it the same way you entered. We'll leave you with nothing...nothing to show for all your efforts, nothing to fall back on except the end of the line at the bottom of the rankings, and nothing but false hope from there on out as you try to make your way back up to us. 

Rex gives off a hint of a smile, and then slowly a smirk grows again on his face.

Rex McAllister: That's how will it go...that's how it's going to be. I guarantee it. Now that was...Rexcellent!

Rex starts chuckling as he forcefully pushes the camera out of his sight and continues on, the camera barely able to catch a glimpse of him one last time as the scene slowly begins to fade.


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