Nothing Has Changed except...

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Wed, Jan24, 2018 11:04am America/Phoenix
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Nothing Has Changed except...
???: I knew it wouldn't be long before I would have a match as the World Champion. In fact, I expected it. Darkness is a man I know quite well. Syndicate will be at ringside with him this time around. I thought that I would be facing Syndicate in a rematch one on one but that won't be the case as both Lipton and McAllister basically strong-armed Ranger into stacking the deck against me. Nothing has changed around here except the fact I am the World Champion.

Xavier comes into camera view, obviously sweating.

XAVIER: Darkness, you and I have faced each other in the past and I already know what you're thinking: "I beat you once before and I'll do it again" type convo and then you'll try to list the reasons as to how I'll lose. News flash Darkness: I'm no stranger to losing and have no doubts that I will lose again...but it won't be against you. 

Xavier goes out of camera view but the camera continues to roll as Xavier's voice can still be heard.

XAVIER: While you have went away and return and concentrated more on playing mind games, I've been consistant in training, ever so ready for my next challenger, which in this you. While most champions before me will boast about how they ascended to the top of the mountain or whatnot, I'm taking a different continue to train the exact same way I got there...only more of it.

Xavier is seen running in and out of camera view a few times. A second voice is heard.

???: TIME!!

Xavier then stops...right in front of the camera, sweating more than he has already been.

XAVIER: Darkness, at Ravage, you face not the World Champ Xavier Pendragon, but Xavier Pendragon period. While you try to come up with new ways to play mind games with people, I've been consistant with my training. Nothing has changed between us Darkness......except for you

scene fades

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