Nothing Will Be Permitted

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Thu, Apr05, 2018 7:29am America/Phoenix
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Nothing Will Be Permitted
The scene brings us to the inside of the empty 02 Arena in London, England. The lighting inside the O2 Arena is dimmed a bit on some of the lower decks. There is a lone bright light shining down on the ring that's already. It's empty at the moment with the exception of a few stagehands at the top of ramp talking things out as it regards the on-off again program, Wreckage. And one notable exception, a man, a cavalier of the moment who looks to do what he's done up until of late, and that's pull the wool over on everyone whether they like it or not. That man being the one and only, Rex McAllister. He stands at ringside, in street clothes that are covered by a long black trench coat. He stares ahead through the ring ropes, and perhaps beyond. It's not exactly clear if he's staring at, or perhaps he's simply thinking. He's most likely thinking, because throughout his time in wrestling he had always prided himself on thinking his way through everything he did with the intended goal of always having a concrete plan in place for him to succeed. But that's not the case this time. Unfortunately he stands here and now in desultory fashion, but he's calm. He's calm, well rested, and ready to do whatever it takes to make the world that now hates him with a passion, see him as the standard again whether they choose to accept it or not.

He hadn't wrestled since Aftershock, in a match which also had been contended for the right to walk on a different plane, stand at the top of mountain top. His adversaries had done everything back then to ensure he didn't walk away that night with his moment of grandeur again. He knows now in his mind what he must do to change the complexion of this landscape like no one else can, and the crux of this is, he's done it before when the circumstantial odds didn't favor him, and he was hellbent on doing it again.

Rex McAllister: The O2 Arena. London, England. The site of a place that brings me back. Back to a moment in time where I had it all. I was on top of the world, on cloud nine. I felt unstoppable, unconquerable, and I was un-vanquished. But...that was...the last time. The last that I truly felt that way. The very next week, I marched into the SSE Hydro Arena and competed in the Inferno Asylum match, a match that I created. A match that changed my career trajectory, changed me. It's almost like de ja vu all over again.

Except now, I feel like going back to a time before any of that ever transpired. A time where everyone was trying to hold me down, put the shackles me. A time where nobody wanted me to succeed, one where I took everything just to spite them.

Rex glares, but it's one that slowly becomes a devious grin. Rex begins to slowly walk to one side of the ring to the next, shuffling his hands ever so slightly in the pockets of his trench coat. 

Rex McAllister: I've gotta admit. This place, it has finally shown me it's cruel twist of fate once more as it has in the recent past. It's shown me everything that I had previously thought to be moot, small, and truly out of the realms of possibility when it came to standing behind everything that I've professed from day one can turn it's idle hands on me as well. Or are they actually meant for me?

Rex ponders the thought for a moment, but continues. Continues his slow methodical pace around the ring, keeping his calm, confident, relaxed tone.

Rex McAllister: Has Rexcellence lost it's flair, lost a lot of steam from the momentum of past grandeur? Certainly, without any doubts about it. I've caused a lot of my own setbacks. My time spent crafting plans to get back to the top, they were spoiled by the likes of Syndicate at Hall of Pain. The Board kept me from getting my rightful one on one match for that title Syndicate now holds, and I'm thrown into a match for the title with no momentum, no recourse to fall back on if I lose this week, and then go into the Inferno Asylum where I could lose there too.

Rex McAllister: Am I having regrets for choices that I've made in the past that got me to this point? 

Rex chuckles lightly to himself.

Rex McAllister: I'd do it again in a heartbeat. If I lose this week, then I lose...for now. If I die at the hands of Korath at Armada, then so be it. It would've been in a match I devised for my fate, just as I did almost two years ago. It would have been for the best for all parties involved.

Rex McAllister: I don't deserve this opportunity...

Rex McAllister: ...but I'll be damned if I don't take it from every other gold-craving, paranoid lunatic in this match, because that's what you'll have to be to walk away with MY PRIZE. I'll do it just to spite everyone else, just so I can take the ultimate pleasure in bringing undeniable dejection to the faces of each and everyone of you, walk into Armada as the Undisputed World Champion, and take back what I should've never lost! I did it at Armada two years ago in a tournament that Syndicate wanted no part of, because it was one of the rare times he was afraid to be screwed once again just as he had always been up to that point. 

Rex makes it to the ring steps now. He pauses a moment, but then starts to ascend up the steps.

Rex McAllister: Oh, but the circumstances are sure different nowadays, aren't they? Syndicate has momentum, Jake has momentum, and Tommy gets a rematch with the a chance to take his momentum back.

Rex enters the ring.

Rex McAllister: As far as I'm concerned, I can't see how this could get any worse for me, other than possible death at Armada. But this week? I go into a match many will say I need to win, or face the music of being pushed downward and away from the title picture, and closer to obscurity than ever before.

Rex places his right hand on the top rope and slowly runs it along as he continues to pace.

Rex McAllister: And they're right, but that's where spiting everyone comes in. That's where I make the world, one that already hates me to the core will come to hate me even more. All that I've said is completely true, and to add, I still want to make all of your careers a living |BLEEP|ing hell for as long as I'm here! Make Syndicate's hell one without the title. Make Tommy's hell one without direction. Make Jake's hell one filled with another lost opportunity to add to the myriad of them that he's collected throughout his mediocre career. 

Rex makes it back around again, and to the corner turnbuckle to the left where he started at where the steel ring steps lie nearest to the entrance ramp.

Rex McAllister: But we must understand that emotions are unreliable, and at times tyrannical. They should never be permitted to dominate us, but as is the case. It's different emotions that threaten to undo everything you've all accomplished. 

Rex McAllister: Syndicate, another reign for the self-proclaimed Los Angeles Outlaw, five of those for all intents and purposes you were nothing more than a placeholder, but I guess I say five because after this week, you can throw this one right in with the other four. 

Rex smirks at the thought.

Rex McAllister: Quite frankly, you've always been just another feather I've added to my cap as I've gone on in my career here just as well you would say I've been to yours. You're a six time World champion, I'm a one time former world champion. You're the measuring stick, the constant, the |BLEEP|ing king of the mountain. Tell me, how ever is it that you manage to do cookie-cutter so well? I mean, you could call that a rhetorical question because you hold the Undisputed World Title, while I, a simple pawn in your world that has nothing to show for, or done nothing of note in the 'what have you done for me lately' one. But what will it prove if you don't win this week despite having all the momentum back? 

Rex looks on with questioning expression, but then grins.

Rex McAllister: You throw out useless, generic phrases that don't hold water if you can't get out alive from being drowned this week, and then go into Armada with nothing to fight for. Hell, you lose and you're reduced to simply defending the tag titles, and that would be unacceptable to unacceptable in fact that just to spite somebody right back, you'll just come seeking your revenge, spewing out bland rhetoric such as "I'M THE MOST DANGEROUS" blah, blah, etcetra, etcetera, and the fact is that's just a bunch of hot air used in the same sense that you would if you were pointing an unloaded gun at someone point blank threatening to blow their brains out if they don't give you what you want. 

But point blank, you're way past being anything remotely special in the eyes of many anymore, not just me.

Rex McAllister: See, for all the things you said about Tommy being the poison that's killing off the WWX? You're not the cure. Ironically you're just as much of a poison to this company as he is. You're not the solution to anything, you're just another part the same problem. 

Rex shakes his head and rolls his eyes. 

Rex McAllister: That's something that needs to change. I think Syndicate's world, it needs to be torn down again. Never to be re-made, remodeled, or built up to be at the forefront ever again. Nobody wants you at the top. Jake's actions last week should've shown you that. Tommy will stop at nothing to take you down. And me? Well, I've always taken great pleasure in shoveling shit on you, because despite how rebellious you try to be? It's nothing more than for show, a marketing ploy to sell yourself to those foolish enough to buy into it. You're just as much of a product of the system as Tommy Lipton!

Rex glares, gritting his teeth. But then he chuckles again. 

Rex McAllister: Am I bitter about that? 

Rex takes a second to ponder.

Rex McAllister: Let's just say, because it's really not a matter of whether I am or not, I'm willing to do whatever I have to do to burn your empire to the ground. On Wreckage, you'll have a mere prayer to make it to Armada champion, but placeholder has followed you through every one of your previous reigns with the exception of one. You'll believe that destiny's eye will look down upon you again because in your mind and yours only you're the undisputed best, that comes out on top when the odds are against you; where you thrive, but your destiny is already clear. See, I'm the undeserving villain in this story, the one that's taken from others, that will provide the ending you didn't foresee by taking what you cherish most.

Rex stares into the camera, calm, with a hint of a smile.

Rex McAllister: And that will be all that I need to get everything back that I ever lost in this company.

It will be enough to call myself Rexcellent again. I guarantee it.

See you soon.

Rex laughs sinisterly as the scene slowly begins to fade


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