Now vs Then

Roleplay Roleplay by CAMERON WESTPORT
On Fri, Jun16, 2017 1:00pm America/Phoenix
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Now vs Then
[Cam Westport is sitting in a lounge chair in his Atlanta apartment. He is wearing dress pants and a button up, having just gotten home from an endorsement meeting he is watching Krimzon Blazeís promo on his phone. He chuckles through out.]

Cam ďWhat world am I living in? Man Iím living in the present and the future, the future which is me. I know this isnít basketball but Iíd whoop you in that too! Just because I lace up Jordanís instead of boots doesnít mean Iím not focused on wrestling, I live and breath wrestling. You can write me up because I came up on basketball and because I rock Jís, but thatís your mistake to be made. You can reflect on your old titles all you want, but look at this match on paper. You are older, smaller, and weaker. I am younger, bigger, and stronger.Ē

[Cam gets up from the chair and makes his way to the fridge and starts to mix up a protein shake. He heads to his bedroom, still talking.]

Cam ďThese things from the past, your accomplishments are impressive. They speak highly to the man you were when you did them. But nowÖ now you have to look at the current situation. Other than experience Iíve got you beat in every category. [He returns from his bedroom, now wearing athletic gear, heading to work out.]  Your long list of accomplishments show that you have had a fantastic career, but look at me. My accomplishments, my athleticism show that I will have a fantastic career and my career isnít waiting for you to win that 5th title to get started. It is starting now and itís gonna steam roll you.Ē

[He grabs the protein shake and makes his way towards the door. He bends down and starts to lace up his Sneakers.]

Cam ďAdd putting you against me on your list of complaints about WWX management, because honestly itís just not a fair match. Itís a bad look for you little guy, so maybe you should put this one down on a formal complaint.

ĎPlease Mr. Bourne, please donít let Westport brutalize me anymore. Perhaps you can schedule me against a smaller, less impressive opponent. After all I really, really want my 5th title, so just make it easier pleaseíĒ

[Cam gets up and heads out the door, onto his workout.]

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