O' Goddess Of Darkness

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Thu, Jan04, 2018 9:17pm America/Phoenix
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O' Goddess Of Darkness
{The camera comes to life inside a small remote forest just outside of Austin, Texas. A calm breeze blows though the trees causing them to sway ever so slightly. The sky is overcast and looking like it could rain any minute. The temperature is slightly chilly but not to intolerable. Darkness sits by himself on a stump. A small fire flickers in front of him.}

Darkness: Roots. The thing that everybody is based on. You follow your roots and good things happen. You go against your roots and everything goes awry. You begin losing matches you should never lose, get arrested for no reason, and not to mention titles start slipping through your hands. The Undisputed championship slipped through my hands at Hall of Pain just a few short weeks after me taking it from Syndicate. The reason that happened is because I swayed away from my roots. I became somebody I'm wasn't and it cost me. Rayne, Syndicate, and Super Bacon all took advantage of this fact. That is why I am here.

{The flame flickers throwing a few sparks in the air.]

Darkness: I am here to change things. I am here to get back to my roots. I am here to find the passion I had four years ago. The passion I had when I last had the World title but lost it due to personal reason. That was the last time I held the top prize or Hell any title at that. Maybe I got lucky at World Series like Rayne keeps mentioning since there was help involved or maybe I did win at World Series by using my skill and knowledge. It doesn't matter which one it was the fact still remains that I haven't been myself. Well it is time.

{Darkness stands up off the stump and slips on a ceremonial druid robe.}

Darkness: Syndicate, I will be coming for what is rightfully mine. Albeit that I will have to take out two other wrestlers to get to that point. We both tried our hardest to make this a match with just the two if us involved but Rayne and Kurtis managed to sneak their way into it. Although when looking at the card I see we can still have that match. It looks like Ranger was smart enough to make it an elimination match. All we have to do is eliminate the two asses that stuck their nose in our business. Once again we will have to work together to get down to just the two of us, so that I will be able to prove to the world and to you that I am better than the great Syndicate.

{Darkness throws some kind of powder onto the fire which causes it ti shoot up a couple feet into the air. Darkness starts to chant something.}

Darkness: This shield is my power to protect against evil. This shield keeps me from harm. This shield does not allow demons or negative entities to pass through it. This shield is my domain and  I alone determine what is allowed to pass. No dark entities shall pass through this shield. As I will it, so mote it be.

{Darkness sits back down on the stump as the flame subsides some.}

Darkness: That brings me to you Rayne. Spew all the shit you want to out of that mouth of yours. A lot of it is probably true, that is why I am here. I'm here to bring back the old Darkness. The one that an go into that ring and beat anybody on any given day without any outside help what so ever. You may find that laughable because of my current losing streak with the only victory coming at the hands of Tom Black, but I can assure you Rayne that when I am done here, I will not be the same. The old Darkness will be anew. The old Darkness that managed to accumilate 20 WWX titles will be ressurected and yours, Syndicate's, and Kurtis's fate will not be in your own hands... it will be in mine.

{As  the fire crackles and pops Darkness begins another chant.}

Darkness: I ask the dark lord to come to me, to help me learn and help see the dark prince that I am meant to be.

{Darkness sits there on the stump staring into the flames of the fire.}

Darkness: Your fates... the fate of all three of you will be in my hands. Do you hear that Mr. Train? If your engine shall jump the track make sure you take your ass promptly to the back. This will be your last destination on the Undisuted championship route and it will end before you make it there. You may have defeated Syndicate the other week but I am not Syndicate. If you make it to the end prepare yourself for the train ride to be over.

{Darkness turns his body to stare at the full moon high up in the night sky. As Darkness stares deeply at the full moon he begins to chant again.}

Darkness: New moon so dark in the night sky. That cannot be seen with the naked eye. Grant me your dark energy to see. The new and the good coming to me. Grant me the power of night so true. So I can start my life anew. Grant me strength night by night. Mistress of Darkness show me the way. Grant me power in my life. Take away trouble and strife. Grant me the power I ask of thee. On bad times help me through. O' Goddess of Darkness so divine. If you have heard me show me a sign.

{The flames of the fire suddenly climb as high as the tree tops. The glow of the fire lights up the night sky. Darkness lifts the cowl of the druid robe onto his head as the camera fades.}

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