Odd Empire

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On Thu, Oct26, 2017 3:48am America/Phoenix
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Odd Empire
[ The segment takes place right outside of the Atalanta History Center, as a group of people make their exit. Among those people is Fill, who is just finishing a conversation with some of them and walks over to where the camera is standing ]

Fill: Oh boy, that was fun. The thing about me and history - we don't get along much. How much did I learn from my visit to this history center - practically nothing, at least I met a few nice people. 

[ Fill motions the camera to follow him, as they begin to walk away from the history center ]

Fill: You know, most foreigners that visit Bulgaria are left with a wonderful and cheerful impression, saying that we don't appreciate what we have. Besides the economic crisis there, another main reason is that we concentrate too much on history. Traditions are something that still most tend to follow, but so do they spread hate for the mistakes that have lead to our historic downfall, we should be glad that we still exist as a country. That's a whole other story, the reason I'm bringing this up is that, listening to Xavier Pendragon mention their Empire - you could feel it in his voice. He sounded so confident in their ability to win this.

[ They stop for a moment next to a parking lot, as Fill looks around trying to remember where he parked ]

Fill: I never doubt anyone's abilities, one thing I've learned since I came to WWX is that everyone has a chance as long as they step up to the opportunity. Both Xavier Pendragon and Damian Price have done that multiple times. Xavier I have no quarrel with, we've stepped in the ring against each other a few times, he even came to help me once when the Blade Club were about to initiate an ambush. It's true that it has been a very long time since The Machine has held a title belt in the WWX, but you never know when lightning can strike twice. What I meant to say was - Xavier, it's always a pleasure to face someone that I have never seen betray his morals. 

[ They continue walking from one spot to another, while Fill still tries to remember where he parked ]

Fill: However, it's hard to say the same about your partner Damian Price. What was it that you called him? The King of Wrestling? I have a bad memory so I don't remember if he was always called that, but most of what I remember is him being called an Insurgent. I admit, he wasn't always like that, we had many problems with him and the rest of his team, but I faced him once while I held the WWX World Wrestling title, back at Deadlock 2015. During that time he had changed, it was like we hadn't feuded throughout 2013 and 2014. I don't know which Damian Price will be teaming with Xavier Pendragon, but if it's the one I have bad memories of, he has betrayed and has been betrayed. If Xavier doesn't believe me, he can ask Willie Steen, or maybe Euan Milton, or better yet Scotty King. Wait, you might be wondering who Scotty King is, no one remembers Scotty huh? You can thank The Insurgence for that.

[ Fill finally finds his motorcycle as he walks over to it and prepares to leave ]

Fill: As much as I would like to continue sharing reasons why The Empire won't last long, one thing's for sure. Empires have rise, and empires have fallen. At Hall Of Pain, only one team will advance in the tournament for the WWX Tag Team titles, and I can give you a hint. All of the teams should remain vigilant, after all, all of them including The Empire will find out what happens...When Worlds Collide.

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