Of Recovery and Gold

Roleplay Roleplay by KORATH
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Of Recovery and Gold
*Scene opens again inside Korath's longhouse, just inside the main hall. A long table sits in the middle of the structure and at the far end sits The Nordic Nightmare, greedily devouring a large bowl of stew and a loaf of fresh bread. He finishes the bowl and sets it to the side before draining a tankard of its contents and sitting back gingerly. He still has his hair in a braid and is stripped to the waist save for the bandages covering his back. He gives a small belch of contentment as he notices the camera crew.

Korath: "Greetings, it would seem I was more damaged than I thought. I've only just awakened from when you were last here. Though I will admit I am feeling much better, it amazes me how much I've healed after sleeping for two days. My Lilith and her wonderful cooking always helps as well, why it seems..."

Korath trails off distracted, as the woman herself enters the scenewearing an emerald green summer dress that matches the color of her waist length hair which is being kept in three long braids. She wraps her arms around his neck and pulls his head to her chest for a moment before planting a kiss on top of his head. He let's out a small grunt when she does this, drawing a laugh from Lilith. 

Lilith:Awww, did I hurt ya love? What was that you were spoutin about me?"

Korath: "That if it weren't for your magic touch I would still be comatose."

Lilith: "Pah, tis not magic just experience...and a bit of good herblore."

Korath: "Whatever you wish to call it I'm just glad it works. Why I feel like I could take on Syndicate with one hand tied behind my back."

Korath, after saying this, goes to flex his free arm but moves too fast and aggravates his burned back, causing a somewhat comically pained expression to cross his face.

Korath: "Okay maybe at checkers. "

Lilith: "Uh huh, I'll fetch ya more of me witches stew so maybe you can take him at darts."

Korath: "Oh that was why I married you, that wonderful sense of humour."

Lilith takes the bowl and punches Korath hard in the shoulder as she passes.

Korath: "Ow, okay it's because you make and keep me whole."

(Off camera) Lilith: "That's better."

Korath chuckles, wincing as he rubs his shoulder. He sobers as he looks back to the camera, getting a serious look and tone.

Korath: " Syndicate, I do not know why Lipton has decided on this match. Perhaps he seeks to ruin your reputation by having you assault  a weakened man. Perhaps he seeks to end me by not giving me time to heal, adding more injuries to the growing list. Whatever the case, you and I are bound by honour and duty to enter the ring at Ravage and face each other for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship. If the fates should decree that I leave Ravage carrying the title, in spite of your best efforts, in spite of Rex McAllister, in spite of the special enforcer should he or she decide to interfere, then I will leave as the new champion. However if they decide that you should keep the title, youd better believe I will make certain I am more than capable le of taking the title from you come Deadlock."

Korath pauses for a moment, rubbing his head to try and rid himself of a headache. When he opens his eyes again a familiar hint of rage can be seen rekindling in his stare.

Korath: "Rex McAllister I will only say this once, you will call the match cleanly or the beating I gave you at Armada will be only the tip of the spear I will drive into your belly come our cage match. As for the enforcer, if you decide to interfere the same goes for you."

As Korath pauses in contemplation of what to say next, Lilith returns carrying another large bowl of stew. She places it on the table and is then pulled into Koraths lap.

Lilith: "Someones feeling better."

Korath: "Always around you."

Lilith takes a moment to get comfortable and then Korath continues.

Korath: " Syndicate, I haven't seen your latest video, but I'm pretty sure I know how it goes. Yip yip yip, Korath is a fraud, yap yap yap Korath is inconsistent. You keep singing that tune and I'm gonna start calling you a pup again. I wonder what kind of excuse you will make when the beaten old wolf stomps you into the mat and takes that which is precious to you. I'll see you at Ravage and let's find out.

Korath looks to his wife and moves to kiss her,but stops short when he notices the cameras are still there. Allowing his fury to boil up he says just one word.


The cameras start moving away, the scene ends upon Korath and Liiith staring into the camera as the scene fades to black.

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