Of shaky alliances and 420

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On Tue, Oct17, 2017 3:25pm America/Phoenix
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Of shaky alliances and 420
*Scene opens in an a wooded area filled with steam and visible vapor. The region is revealed to be volcanic moments later by the sulfur deposits and several natural hot springs. In the largest we see a large figure reclining, revealed to be Korath as the steam parts. He is submerged to his chest in the near scalding water, his face a mask of pure calm. He opens his eyes and regards the camera crew then begins to speak.

"I'd invite you to join me but I'm not sure you could handle it, I've been working on building my tolerance to the waters here for some time now as it is quite a bit hotter than normal. And speaking of tolerances, I hear I was given a random partner in the tag team tournament in the form of Jake Devine. To my knowledge he and I never got along in my last run with the WWX and I'm not sure it's going to be possible now but stranger things have happened before, like clowns fighting pirates for control of my longship. Jake, while I'm not sure we can get along, I am certain we both will be able to work together and obtain the tag team gold. So what say you Jake Devine? Will you work with me to become the next tag team champions or will we let our egos get in the way and see us both eliminated like fools?"

Korath pauses for a moment and fully submerges himself in the hot spring for several moments before resurfacing, his usually pale skin now almost as red as his hair. He then reaches into the fog behind him and grabs a black bottle, pulling out the cork with a satisfying POP, he takes a sniff and then turns bottle up and drinks it all in one go. He sets the now empty bottle to the side and with a satisfied grin he leans back against the edge of the pool.

"There's nothing like a good bottle of mead and a hot spring to help me relax after training and entertaining the masses. It's one of my guilty pleasures and Grimfrost makes a fine brew. Guilty pleasures are something I'm sure my opponents know all about. 420, the duo of Matt Glazebrook and Gary Tinordi. I know you two are a formidable tag team, but you are usually so high you can't form a coherent sentence much less promo. I have some experience with at least one of you so I'll start with the man with the glazed over look, Matt."

Korath pauses long enough to grab another bottle and open it, taking a drink as he continues.

 "Matt you were my very first opponent here in the WWX, do you remember that? Our match was not the best and I was using that gods awful finisher the Mammoth Buster…. That's what I get for watching so much Ultimate Muscle during my training. Anyways getting off track, Matt you showed me a small amount of your skill and I am always impressed when opponents show their strength. I'm now hoping that I will get to see your full strength and skill this coming Fury as you will be in your natural element and with a partner you are familiar with. For when I and my partner defeat you, I want it to be nothing less that spectacular, the crowds deserve as much."

He pauses for a moment, appearing to be deep in thought as he takes another drink.

"Now Gary Tinordi you on the other hand I know little about. I know that you have speed and technique to Matt's power and endurance, but that is it. I will say this though, the two of you have been a dominate tag team here… well most of the time, the rest of the time I've only seen nothing but foul smoke coming from your locker room and the sounds of a very mellow party."

Korath kills the second bottle and sets it beside the first, he reaches back and grabs a third bottle and pops the cork loose before standing up, revealing a loincloth that is shockingly white in contrast to his superheated skin. He raises the bottle in toast and then continues.

"I wish to give a toast, to a new alliance, no matter how shaky it may be, to a new future as Tag Team and Undisputed champion, and to all of my opponents that I will face in the coming weeks I say Skål och bottnar upp!(Cheers and Bottoms Up)"

Korath takes a long drink and sits back down in the hot spring with a splash, laughing as the water hits several members of the crew. Raising the bottle to his lips he begins to sing the unofficial Swedish anthem Helan Går and the scene fades to the Nordic Nightmare logo.

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