Off-Broadway (vs Syndicate)

Roleplay Roleplay by KURTIS RAY
On Fri, Jun09, 2017 1:15pm America/Phoenix
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Off-Broadway (vs Syndicate)
(A camera clicks on to show a gloriously-appointed lounge area. A bar is visible in the back with a nicely-dressed bar man standing in front of a silver, black, and white backsplash and myriad bottles of alcohol and snacks. The bar itself id dark wood, with black letters that say "Platinum Lounge." Kurtis Ray steps into frame, taking a set in a leather chair that is framed by the camera, holding a rocks glass with several ice cubes and a measure of amber-colored liquid inside.)

KURTIS: First class has it's benefits, right? There's an omelet station in the other lounge, but this one has some charm.

(Kurtis shrugs, taking a drink out of the glass and leaning back in the chair.)

KURTIS: So the stage is set, huh? You've got the curtain ready to pull-up on your 'inevitable victory' at Outrage, right? I gotta tell you, Syndicate, this tenacity you have is not lost on me. The fire you have is not lost on me. Your ability in the ring is not lost on me. But It's nothing I've seen before, and nothing I haven't experienced before from a hundred other guys who thought they were the next big thing. It's kinda pathetic, if I'm honest.

(Kurtis takes another drink from his glass. He fishes a phone out of his pocket,  holding it toward the camera and starting Syndicate's most recent promo from youtube.)

SYNDICATE: For one we agree on something. I'm tired of it to.

KURTIS: You know, buddy, I think I've lost count of how many times one or the other of us has said "for once we agree" on something. So many times it's lost meaning. Along with the rest of your self-indulgent jibberjabber, none of it means anything. None of it proves anything. None of it changes anything. And while you like to think this is the last time we go face to face, there is only one way this ends on Outrage for you, Sidney. If you walk away with the belt, which you won't, you get to face the winner of the Crusade Cup tournament for the title. And guess who that's gonna be, sunshine? Darkness is no match for me, in fact he's just another speedbump on my inevitable rode to domination.

(Kurtis laughs, watching his phone for a moment as the rest of Syndicate's promo plays. He remains silent for a moment before dissolving into peals of laughter.)

KURTIS: Was that supposed to impress me? Intimidate me? You think I'm underestimating you, kid? I am the one person you'e faced in this company who has NEVER underestimated you. I know exactly what you can do in the ring. You talk about being better, getting better, but you don't/ You stagnate. You decay. 

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