Off to Portland

Roleplay Roleplay by JARVIS VALENTINE
On Thu, Mar01, 2018 1:15pm America/Phoenix
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Off to Portland
Jarvis: Before I let you go, how many wins do you think the Huskers will get this coming up season?

Adam Carriker: I haven’t officially predicted yet, but 6 wins would put us in a bowl game and I thinks that’s doable for year one under Frost.

Jarvis nods his head as the ten-eleven crew turn off the light over the two as both Jarvis and Adam stand up and shakes hands. Adam turns and leaves the office as do the ten-eleven crew before Jarvis goes to his desk and grabs his suitcase and a duffle bag. He walks out of his office turning off the light before closing the door.

While walking through the halls at lincoln journal star he hears a few coworkers say good luck to him. He gets to the parking lot and pops the trunk open to put his stuff in. He walks around the car and gets in. Turning the ignition the car starts. Jarvis reverses and then pulls forward to get on highway thirtyfour to head to the airport. Suddenly the cars audio system starts ringing. 

Jarvis: Go for Jarvis…

Jones: Good morning Jarvis. This is Leon Jones with WWX and curious if I could get some quick words with you?

Jarvis: Sure, if you feel like you need too.

Jones: Awesome, first off, you had two bouts last week at Aftershock and you ended up losing both of….

Jarvis: Yea, no shit sherlock! Get on with the question please.

Jones: Of Course, sorry. How do you plan in rebounding this week on Ravage?

Jarvis: Well, first I’m getting on a plane to head to Portland, and Second, you can ask me that when you see me at the show. Next!

Jones: Ok. The newest rankings have been released and you are number ten and fifth on the list for the International Championship. Are you going to be going after that or continue to get Steens Television Championship?

Jarvis: So your first two questions kinda go together you will just have to wait till you see me in Portland.

Jones: (Under his breath) Must be a bad day…

Jarvis: Listen, you are the one who called me. If you want something, why don’t you ask about Korath. 

Jones: Alright, this week in Ravage…

Jarvis: Wait….wait….wait. Are we live?

Jones: No.

Jarvis: Then why the hell are you talking like it?

Jones: I was…

Jarvis: Look. Korath, the so called monster kinds pissed me off with his little nude scene. Like he is Fabio or something. He sets there telling the camera that I need to prove myself, that I need to show him, that I need to find time to train. 

Korath, Maybe you need to be the one proving things and training. The pay per view was a fluke and everyone knows it. I should be the Television Champion right now, not Steen. I also should have made it to the finals at least in the Crusade Cup and not Jake Devine, but my mind was still focused and pissed about Steen. Korath just needs to worry about himself when it comes to Ravage. 

Jones: Do you think you will get the win?

Jarvis: (Chuckling) Do I think I will get the win? Are you kidding me. Ok, I think iI gave the guy to much credit earlier. Sure this guy is a big guy, and sure he might have power, But I really don’t think that he has the drive or motivation like I do this week. So in short, yes, I do believe I will get the win.

Jones: So you are not scared of him?

Jarvis: Where the F*CK did you hear that shit from?

Jones: A couple places, because you really haven’t been heard this week.

Jarvis: Hell no I’m not scared of him. I’m not scared of anyone in that locker room. I don’t care if I am facing Steen, Korath, Syndicate, or anyone outside of the promotion. I’ll lineup with with anyone in that ring. Just tell me when and where!

Jones: One more question…

Jarvis: Good, Need to be getting in the airport.

Jones: What can we expect from Jarvis this week?

Jarvis: That’s the best question you asked this entire time Jones. You can expect a different Jarvis that’s for sure. A little bit more extreme, and a little bit more annoyed. Korath, in the end will be looking up at the lights in Portland wondering what the hell just happened. He will not know what hit him. Thinking he has this in the bag is the worst thing you can do against me. I hate losing with a passion, and somehow I lost two in a row, it WON'T be three!!

Jones: Thanks for your…


Jarvis clicks the call off before Jones can finish as he turns the car off and opens the door getting out. He reverses the process with the trunk and starts walking away from the car as he makes the car chirp locking it as the scene fades to black.

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