Oh boy, Willie Steen yet again

Roleplay Roleplay by JAKE DEVINE
On Sat, Mar24, 2018 7:52pm America/Phoenix
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Oh boy, Willie Steen yet again
The camera opens to the outside of Jake Devine's Manhattan penthouse. The scene shifts to the inside, where Jake Devine is lying on his couch, eating from a bowl of chips and looking at his cellphone. Jake just eats the chips for 10 seconds before looking to the side, noticing the camera. Jake is startled, and puts away the bowl.

Jake: Oh, sorry, I forgot that I was supposed to film this today.

Jake sits up and cleans hos hands on his shirt, wiping away any drops. He puts on his sunglasses.

Jake: Much better. Now, how do we start this? Oh, right. As you have noticed, I've been away from the ring for a while now. Sure, I got to watch the shows, take part in segments, do a few DJ gigs around the country...but I got bored. I wanted in-ring action. I want to fight someone, be in shape for the main event at Armada. So, I call James Ranger and ask him for a match. I say, "Give me the best opponent you have in the company. Be it Syndicate, Xavier Pendragon, Kurtis Ray, I don't mind. I want a challenge". So, of course, James books me to face...

Jake sighs.

Jake: Willie Steen. God dammit. I don't even know what to say. Sure, he'a the current and last Television champion, he's been holding the championship for a long time. But come on. Of everyone in the roster, I have to face Willie Steen, one more time? Look, I don't even have anything new to say, we have faced each other in WWX matches over 10 times on the last two years alone. And Steen's win record is...bad against me. Why not give me someone new to face, a match fans haven't seen countless times before? Well. Whatever. You're the boss. And if you want me to face Steen one more time, I'll have to do it.

Jake Devine stand up from the couch and walks up to the TV. He turns it on, and a VOD of last week's Ravage starts to play. Jake stands next to the TV from an angle.

Jake: This is the only way for us wrestlers to watch television. Now, let's fast forward the show a little bit, shall we?

Jake takes the controller and speeds up the footage. Syndicate appears on the screen.

Jake: Now, Syndicate here said something interesting. He said he wants a rematch and that he's taking the championship home. That would be interesting. I prepared myself for Tommy Lipton all this time. But, facing Syndicate would be a diferent kind of challenge. Maybe a tougher one, who knows. One thing is certain, though. Whoever I face at Arnada, be it you or Lipton, I will be taking the gold back to New York City around my waist. Prove your best against him and I shall wait you. That is all for today. However I do plan on talking again later next week. Tune in again.

The scene fades to black.

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