Old Friends Reunited

Roleplay Roleplay by FILL
On Thu, Aug10, 2017 2:44pm America/Phoenix
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Old Friends Reunited
[ The segment takes place somewhere in the woods. The only sounds that can be heard are from random animals and the crunching of grass. Fill slowly walks through the woods and speaks at a low volume ]

Fill: Why am I not surprised he called me out here?

[ He continues walking, until he reaches an old cotta	ge. He looks around and it seems someone has been there recently. He stops for a moment and tries to think, when all of a sudden someone jumps Fill from behind, but he moves out of the way. Fill turns back and looks at the person that turns out to be Korath ]

Fill: Still using the same moves, huh Korath?

Korath: Hey its worked up until now hasn't it?

[ They both start laughing and hug it out ]

Fill: Indeed it has old friend, indeed it has. After all, I've learned from the best.

Korath: And who might that have been?

[ Fill's expression changes as he frowns ]

Fill: From you and... unfortunately Rayne, I'm guessing you heard what happened while you were gone?

Korath: No, whats happened to our friend?

Fill: Last I remember he was covered in his own blood, compliments from the Blade Club, but that's not what I meant. He turned on me and made my third reign as International Champion a living hell. I might regret saying this, but I don't care if he ever comes back.

Korath: What?! Why would he.....arrrrrrgh.... he better have a damn good explanation when I find him.

[ As Korath tightens his fist after what he just heard, Fill taps him on the shoulder and smiles ]

Fill: You know what, for now I'm up to let the past remain in the past. After seeing you guys again, I even forgot I lost the International Championship again. And let's face it, if you guys hadn't shown up, things could've been much worse with the rest of the Blade Club coming out.

Korath:(mumbling something unintelligible under his breath) So his betrayal just put a bigger target on your back for the same people who attacked him? Is that what you are telling me? because it doesn't sound like a good thing. Don't get me wrong Fill, I'm happy to help you bust heads, I'm still just trying to wrap my head around the situation.

Fill: Oh, we will get to that eventually. For now, I'm more interested in what's to come this week. I'm facing Jake Devine, you remember him right?

Korath: Devine? I remember him as Jake Idol, has his head grown that much in the time I've been gone?

Fill: Not only that, but he's a self proclaimed king now. Of what I don't know.

Korath: His type always seem to think they are. Any idea how you plan to handle him?

Fill: Well, we are almost the same size, we have a similar fighting style.

[ Fill holds his head as if he's getting a headache, even though he looks like he's being sarcastic ]

Fill: Ah, you know what? I needn't overthink it, all it does is make my head hurt. I work better when I think at the last moment. And it's not like there's something involved, like a title to make this match more important. I'll just knock him down a couple of times and remind him WWX has no king.

Korath: by beating him into a fine paste oh Bulgarian Nightmare? 

[ Korath says with a wide grin ]

Fill: Since you put it that way, yeah. Now, you wanna explain why you brought me all the way here?

[ Korath almost starts laughing, but covers his mouth to stop it. He opens the door to the cottage and puts his hand up to invite Fill in ]

Korath: Right this way.

[ Fill looks at Korath a bit suspiciously, but goes for the entrance anyway. Korath slowly closes the door behind him, as what follows is the sounds of thrashing ]

Fill: Ow, what the hell did you do that for?

[ The sound of Korath laughing out loud comes out as he asnwers ]

Korath: Didn't see it coming this time did you? It's training time!

[ The sounds of things breaking echo from the inside as the segment fades to black ]

( Korath was used with his permission)

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