Old Rivalry, New Opportunities.

Roleplay Roleplay by KRIMZON BLAZE
On Wed, Oct11, 2017 4:31am America/Phoenix
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Old Rivalry, New Opportunities.
[We take you back to World Series, moments after Jake Devine had somehow eliminated Krimzon Blaze as Blaze walks out of the 3 Arena in Dublin Ireland towards the backstage area of it, obviously upset that he wasn't involved in the Ladder Match to get into contender status for the World Championship.]

*Fast Forward to Present*

[Our scene opens outside of the Fury Arena, its location is still being determined by WWX Officials at this point but inside is the confines of the Arena along with the all too familiar 4 sided ring.]

TJ Jackson: Welcome to another edition of After The Bell, I'm Terry "TJ" Jackson and alongside me is Abel "The Real Deal" Mitchell, and Abel, we have a pretty historic ATB show for you, don't we?

Abel: We do indeed Terry, our guest tonight is a former 4 Time World Heavyweight Champion, 2011 Hall of Famer, and bonafide Legend of the WWX, I'm talking about "The Aerial Specialist" Krimzon Blaze!

TJ: Blaze has been on a one man crusade since returning to WWX to earn the former glory he once held, but as of late, he's had his issues with certain Superstars such as Syndicate, the now former World Champion amongst a slew of others, but that's not why we've invited The Aerial Specialist to our show, we wanted to get into his head and see what is in store next for The Aerial God himself.

[The arena goes dark...]

TJ: As if on cue!

"Taking You Down" by Egypt Central hits the airwaves as the crowd in attendance on this rare occasion for ATB are screaming themselves hoarse as "The Aerial Specialist" Krimzon Blaze is seen at the top of the stage.

Abel: The definitive man that everyone could aspire too, Krimzon Blaze!

[Blaze walks down the ramp towards the ring, dressed in a two piece black suit with a red tie and a top hat to match the ensemble he's currently wearing as he steps up the ring steps onto the apron, wiping his feet along the apron itself before climbing through the top and middle ropes as he grabs a microphone and has a seat amongst TJ and Abel.]

Abel: Welcome to After The Bell!

TJ: Usually that's my line but we'll let that go Abel...

KB: WWX After The Bell... 

Abel: Neat right?

KB: Neat? Well, I mean, it's no K.O.S. Corner, but it'll do.

*TJ and Abel look at each other like idiots before continuing on*

TJ: Blaze, we both brought you out here to discuss what happened at World Series and where your gonna go from here.

KB: World Series 2017 was a landmark achievement not in terms of the card itself that night, but where it was held.. in Dublin Ireland.

Breath taking to be at such a nice place.

World Series has never been any kind of winning predicament for me, and I'll tell you gentleman and everyone here why.

Every year that World Series was held, there'd be those guys that'd bring weapons or sneak weapons in and use them to their advantage and usually pays off in a lesser role that they see themselves involved in.

Every single year that I'm involved...

I usually never come out the same way I walk in.

I kid you not, I won the Women's Championship at a World Series PPV and ever since then I've been going backwards more and more as each of these came to be.

I wanted to make this year something worthwhile, and low and behold, Jake Divine decided amongst himself to screw me out of the World Championship AND the potential Ladder Match Number 1 Contender Status FOR said World Championship, but look where Divine is now... NOWHERE to be seen.

TJ: Yeah that is a bit of a mystery isn't it?

KB: Right! He *somehow* gets pulled from the World Rankings, and just who the hell replaces him?

An old rival of mine.

Abel: Tommy Lipton.

KB: Yup! The same guy who painted the very same World Championship BLACK at one point because all he could see was pure chaos when he was Champion of the World, but you see, I'm NOT like Lipton at all.

I'm a courageous outstanding and definitively WORTHY World Champion, as you so astutely put earlier in the show by saying that I am indeed a former 4 Time World Champion, and rightfully so.

TJ: Speaking of Lipton, your going to be facing him one on one in a World Division Rankings Match... thoughts?

KB: Look, Lipton and I go way back.

I mean waaaayyyy back to the days when the Triple A Division was around and many other legendary performers as well.

Lipton knows who I am, what I'm about, and he'll do anything in his power to stop the One Man Crusade that I started when I returned here to get back the very World Championship that I know I can carry on my back, much like Syndicate did ONLY BETTER.

*OOOOOOOOOO from the crowd*

KB: Didn't like that did you? Well...

Sydney Maxwell Irvine blah blah blah will stop at nothing to regain the Championship he feels he was screwed out of, how many times have I heard that from numerous Superstars who honestly think they were indeed screwed when they lost CLEAN?

Syndicate, Sydney, you wanna talk screwed? Lets talk about Hall of Pain, the next upcoming Pay Per View for WWX.

Imagine your going up against The Lost Soul, many of which the WWX considers to be the ultimate player that has ever graced WWX... Put the World Title on the line against yours truly, and then in one hell of a match, WIN it only for your oldest rival in Evil sPeD Eastin whom JUST returned that same night at Hall of Pain be HANDED a briefcase by that snake James Ranger ALLOWING Eastin to cash in that briefcase for the World Championship that I had just had an absolute WAR with The Lost Soul, and come up at the tail end of the Pay Per View LOSING it in drastic fashion.

You wanna talk screwed over?! You HAVEN'T LIVED until you've been in MY shoes Syndicate.

You whining and complaining that you lost at World Series does you absolutely NO FAVORS for you, and yet you sit at Number 2 in the Rankings when you should be at the BACK OF THE LINE when I lost because of Divine's actions!!!

TJ: Woah now Blaze.

Abel: Relax.

KB: I'm much more then relaxed gentleman... I'm straight up P***** OFF! 

Lipton has a match against me, Fine.

So be it.

I'm moving back up the rankings slowly but surely and I will finally have what I've long desired once again...

The WWX Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship.


Hey there buddy.

Nice to meet you.

Now let me greet you with a little something.

*Out of completely nowhere, KB resorts to using an old move of his The Ricochet (RKO) on Abel*


*KB quickly grabs TJs microphone*

KB: _THAT_ right there is the beginning of the END for anyone who steps in my path EVER AGAIN.





*KB stops*

KB and Crowd:HAS CHOSEN YOU!!!!!!

["Taking You Down" By Egypt Central hits the airwaves again as TJ is tending to Abel as KB exits the ring, visibly riled up to get his hands on Lipton as the scene slowly fades to black with a WWX logo on the lower left hand corner of the screen.]

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