Old Stomping Grounds, New Beginnings

Roleplay Roleplay by JESTER
On Thu, Aug17, 2017 3:04am America/Phoenix
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Old Stomping Grounds, New Beginnings
The camera opens to a television programs set showing a single shot of an attractive redhead setting behind a desk as the program returns from a commercial.

Anchor - “Welcome back to Wrestling Insider.  I'm Rita Newsome and tonight we have a very special guest.  Former WWX Hardcore Champion and former WWX Tag Team Champion, Jester!  Jester, thank you for joining us today.”

The camera pans out to include Jester in the shot.  Jester is dressed in his familiar dark grey suit with a light grey shirt and tie.  His dark brown, neck length, hair is neatly slicked backed save for a few wild strands that lay haphazardly across his right cheek. 

Jester - “Thanks for having me Rita.”

Rita - “Well, let's jump right into it.  When last we saw you in the ring you were involved in a series of brutal matches with Sugarman Shazam and then you exited the wrestling world rather abruptly.  Where have you been these past few years?”

Jester - “Well Rita, I'm afraid most of that is classified, but as you may recall, I worked in an undisclosed capacity for the US government.  I can't go into any specifics but during my original tenure with the WWX, let's just say, I had some unfinished business that was a continuous cause of interference in my WWX career.  Eventually, things reached a point where I was required to return to my past life.  However, I'm happy to say that all of those loose ends have been dealt with and will no longer be a source of concern.”

Rita - “Was it always your goal to eventually return to the WWX?”

Jester - Absolutely!  There was never any doubt that I would come back.  The WWX is where I belong and is what I consider home.  The worst part of my abrupt departure was that I felt like I had abandoned my friend, and then tag team partner, Fill.  It's great to be fighting beside him again.  And now that we have a skilled veteran like Korath standing with us, there is no doubt that we are going to be a force that can't be ignored in the WWX. We will not be intimidated by the likes of Blade Club or anyone else on the roster, for that matter.”

Rita - “You had a lot of success in your first stint with WWX.  What are you hoping to accomplish now that you're back?”

Jester - “Now that I can focus 100% of my efforts into the WWX I feel like there's no limits to what I can accomplish.  Of course, the ultimate goal is becoming the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.  But I realize that I have to work my up ladder before I've earned that chance.  So, for right now, I'm just focused on defeating whoever is unfortunate enough to be but in my way.”

Rita - “Well, I knows the fans are excited to have you back, as am I!  Thank you again for being with us today.”

Jester - “It's been my pleasure Rita.”

Rita - “We'll be back with more WWX news and highlights after these messages.”

Fade to black. 

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