On Base

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Sun, Nov26, 2017 1:18pm America/Phoenix
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On Base
(Tommy Lipton walks through watching as troops march in uniform along the roads at the Air Force Base located Hurlburt Field, Mary Esther, Florida. The skies are occupied by Air crafts that appear to be doing a training exercise. We come across a senior master sergeant talking shop talk with a senior airmen.)

Master Sargent: Rickman, that was some impressive flying this morning. 

Airman Rickman: Thank you Senior Master Sergant. It is an honor to me that you noticed. 

Master Sargent: Rickman, we have all noticed your exceptional skills amongst the clouds but even more So, your skills on the Mat. Thanks to you we have successfully beat out the other bases in the amateur wrestling tournament. Tonight we will celebrate this victory.

Rickman: Thank you Sir! It is my duty to serve our base with honor. 

MS: You do Rickman. 

(The camera moves away and finds Tommy Lipton as he watches as an AC- 130 gunship land on the strip.)

Tommy Lipton: That's one hell of a plane! 

(Tommy turns to the camera crew, he grins)

Tommy: I'm glad you could join me here. A place filled with honor. Leave no man behind type attitude and a group of brothers not easily broken up. Something that I sorta thought I had with Rex McAllister but then why the heck is Rex McAllister insulting me by walking out of our match. At first I thought it was because, just like me, he didn't want to fight a bro.... that's what I thought until that is, until he opened his mouth and started insulting me with each word produced from his flapping lips. 
He compliments me in one sentence only to disrespect me in the next. He believes himself to be the greatest of the McAllister-Lipton tandem... He has made that very clear. 

(Tommy shoves his 

Tommy: Rex McAllister says that he absolutely had a victory over me but decided to walk away letting me win... If so sure he was on that said victory why Leave? Why give me the first win of our series? ... To think that he underestimates me is the greatest of insults. 

(Tommy gets up close to a camera and glares into it's lens)

Tommy: Rex, not long ago we were celebrating our brotherhood, our mutual respect for one another. . . But now you piss that all away. This was to be a battle of two friends but very quickly you have changed this into a bit of a rivalry. I hadn't really planned to show up and interfere in your match Last week but then again I hadn't planned on the fact you would say what you said. So I wanted to put you in your place. It's True, you are good. Heck maybe even better than me. I have to face the fact that I'm not exactly in my prime anymore. Matches like the cage match with Rick Dreamie, or the many Armada, Dutchman Pit Matches have also taken a toll on my body. Does that mean I count myself out of this series though? Hell No! One thing that I do know, is that anything can happen. 

Tommy: Rex McAllister and Tommy Lipton, two great superstars that against all odds came together to form one of the best teams in the history of WWX. Now we maybe seeing the beginning of one of the greatest rivals... it saddens me having to lay him out last week. It saddens me that I will have to again draw gloves with my "buddy" but I too plan to move on to become the WWX Undisputed Champion once again and Rex is a obstacle in my way from achieving that glory. So I am backed into a corner with little options,

(Tommy bows his head)

Tommy: I have to fight, I have to go against my former tag team partner and friend. I may not like being stuck in this corner but one things for certain... Don't back a dog into a corner, no matter how old, how beaten down they Are, that's when they are the most dangerous, the most vicious! 

(Tommy raises his head back up...)

Tommy: Rex McAllister, I Am Coming! 

(The camera pans throughout the air base. We find Senior Airman Rickman sitting on the hood of a jeep puffing on a cigarette. He is listening to some music on his phone. With him are some other lower ranked soldiers.)

Soldier #1: Rickman, that was some showman shit up there this morning. 

Rickman: You know how I do. 

Soldier #2: Always showing off, man one day though it's gonna burn you.

Soldier #3: Hey now, take it easy, Rickman just be careful up there is what Danny means. 

Rickman: I'm a show off I know, if I go, I go in style. But ya know guys, I know what's good and I really do find I become one with the sky when I'm up there. Damn I love the rush this shit gives me. NO |BLEEP|ing way!

(Rickman pitches the smoke and hops off the hood of the jeep when he sees Tommy Lipton walking past. Rickman grabs Danny's shoulder and points)

Rickman: You know who that is?!

Danny: Sure, it's Tommy Lipton from WWX. Didn't you know he was Coming?

Rickman: F#$% no I didn't know. What the hell is he doing here?

Soldier #1: He's here to talk to the troops. It's celebrity night. Him and we also have -

(Rickman jogs away from his fellow soldiers and heads towards Lipton.)

Danny: Huh, where has he been? Thought he'd of all people know Tommy Lipton was coming today.

(Rickman approaches Tommy Lipton and tugs on his sleeve. Tommy turns and eyes him top to bottom. He then taps the Airmans name on his uniform.)

Tommy Lipton: James Rickman? 

Rickman: How do you know my name?

Tommy: I've heard a lot of good things about you kid. Heard you won your wrestling tournament two years in a row for your base. 

Rickman: Sure Did! 

Tommy: Ive seen the tape, that's pretty impressive.

Rickman: Thanks, it means a lot coming from a legend like you. Heard you were here to talk with the troops. 

Tommy: And to also talk to you James. 

Rickman: My friends call me Blade. 

Tommy: Blade eh...

Rickman: Because I slice through the air with precision and speed I guess, or the blades on a plane... not actually Sure, just one day a friend called me Blade and sorta stuck and became a thing. 

Tommy: That's cool. Blade Rickman... That's cool kid. 

Rickman: Thanks! 

(Rickman looks down at the ground then back up at Tommy)

Rickman: Hey man, for what it's worth heard that you are set to battle your pal Rex McAllister. That must suck. 

Tommy: Sure does Blade... I was actually just discussing him with the WWX Universe.

(Tommy looks toward the camera crew following him)

Tommy: I was talking about brotherhood... How it's cool you guys all stick by to the dying end for one another. 

Rickman: We always have each others backs. But honestly this is the US Airborne division not wrestling... 

Tommy: No believe me I get It, in my business at the end of the day it's every man for himself. 

Rickman: Still sucks though I get that. You guys did some special shit together. And you are a legend, titles and stuff you've had but I followed your career, a bond like that of yours and Rex, hardly ever is seen. 

Tommy: Now I must confront him and although I knew this day would come I guess right now, I'd rather still have that brotherhood. 

Rickman: True dat Tommy. But ya gotta man up and do your duty and get that shot again for the Championship. 

Tommy: Indeed. It sucks but I will face him and I aim to win. Our first encounter I really was hesitant to fight him but I know he's not going to come at me softly, he's made it clear he wants to put me down and prove he's the better man. 

Rickman: You have one win and although he claims he gave it to you, you gotta go out there and show him differently. You gotta go out and do your thing! 

Tommy: Kid, I like you. So where can we grab a beer around here I got some things I want to talk to you about. 

Rickman: I gotta get a pass but there's a place near by. 

Tommy: Okay sort that out and let's go. I'm about to change your life kid. 


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