On the Grand Stage

Roleplay Roleplay by BEATRICE PENDRAGON
On Wed, Sep13, 2017 2:20pm America/Phoenix
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On the Grand Stage
Xavier and Beatrice Pendragon are seen enjoying a nice meal at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta when Xavier's cell phone beeps.

Xavier: Pendragon......No, I haven't seen the World Series card yet. What's up......Really now.......Is that so......A'ight, I'll tell her. Not sure how she's gonna react though.......Okay, as soon as we're done eating, we'll catch a flight to Dublin.

Beatrice stops eating the moment Xavier mentions "Dublin" as the Machine hangs up the phone.

Beatrice: Who was that babe?

Xavier: That was Max's secretary Michelle informing me that you have a match coming up in Dublin that could have some pretty big rewards if you win it all.

Beatrice: What do you mean?

Xavier: You're booked for World Series.

Beatrice: You mean THE World Series?

Xavier: Yep. You're in the TV ring with Luke Jairus, Kailee, Johnny Needham and Hex Girl of course. Whoever pins Hex Girl faces her at the next Fury for the TV title. Should you win the entire match, that's both rings 3 & 5, then you'll face the Undisputed World Champion at Hall of Pain.

Beatrice sits back in her chair, letting all the info sink in. The waiter comes spots Beatrice and checks on her.

Waiter: Is everything okay?

Xavier: Yeah, we're fine. Just told my wife she was booked in perhaps the biggest match of her career.

Waiter: Good luck in your match ma'am. 

The waiter smiles, then walks away as Beatrice finally gathers her thoughts.

Beatrice: So I'm basically been given an opportunity to shine on the grand stage should I win the infamous World Series match. But first I must deal with the other possible contenders in the TV ring with me. Let's start with Kailee. In reference to singles competition, I am 2-0 against. Do I dwell on that? No I do not. SImply move on, finding my next challenge. This opportunity was not only given to me, but given to all of us in this match. I'm just gonna be taking this match more seriously than you will or could ever be. Why am I taking this match so seriously? This is my chance to make history as the first female World Champion. But I'm not gonna get ahead of myself here. There are others in this match besides you Kailee...like Johnny Needham for example. I don't know much about you so I can't say much about you. But much like the other competitors in this match, you are a challnge that is currently standing in my way and I will knock them down and out my way. End of Story. Luke Jairus competed against Hex Girl for the title on one occasion with Hex Girl being the victor. But I'm not knocking nor underestimating you Luke. I go by what I see and what I don't see. It's a certifiable way to get to know your opponent's style then try something within your own moveset to counter whatever your opponent may have. I'm pretty sure you and I will face off in singles competition soon enough.

Xavier waves down the waiter, asking for carryout boxes and the check. Beatrice sips her Mimosa and continues. 

Beatrice: That would leave just you Hex Girl, the reiging Women's Champion and my greatest rival. You and I had one hell of a match the last time we fought. This match that you and I are involved in makes no difference, Though getting another shot at the TV title would be nice, I'm laying it all on the line for an even bigger prize: a chance to main event Hall of Pain and quite possibly become the first female Undisputed Champion of the World. To get there however, I must go through you and the other 3 competitors in the match with me. While seeing other stars like Syndicate or even my husband Xavier on the grand stage, this time it's my time to ascend to greatness. See you all at World Series.

scene fades

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