On The Road to Aftershock pt2

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Thu, Feb15, 2018 9:34pm America/Phoenix
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On The Road to Aftershock pt2
Live from Denver. 

The black Charger pulls into a truck stop in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. 
Tommy Lipton steps out from the passengers side. 

Tommy: Had to change cars due to the weather back home. Lambo and snow is a no go! But that's not what is important.. 

Tommy walks around to the drivers side window. 

Tommy: Need anything? 

We get closer to the car and Tommy notices and moves away from his ride. 

Tommy: Walk with me guys. 
So what's important is that I am almost in California! Tommy Lipton is coming and he's coming hot!

Tommy walks into the truck stop. He takes his place in line as a few customers start picking up on who he is and take a few pics of him, one is even taking a selfie all d-low style. Tommy does notice and comes over for a proper pose with the fan. He signs a few autographs and then points to the cameras indicating he has to get back to the rest of the Universe waiting to hear from him. That would also include Rex McAllister and Xavier Pendragon. 

Tommy: So Xavier, buddy pal I know you are watching... A day ago I addressed you for being a questionable champion... I do not believe the words "unworthy" were used personally by me. Perhaps semi implied, but the fact is, are you feeling you are worthy of being the face that runs this place? Our Undisputed Champion? Is that what you think? It doesn't really matter what you think for actions speak louder than words and this weekend if you don't bring the action.... Than you will definetly not be leaving the Champion! 

Tommy: I am a legend, however I do not believe that entitles me to being the only man righteous enough to be Champion. I believe it validates me as one of a few that should carry this belt and represent the Federation. I just do not know if YOU, Xavier, fall into the category... I guess Aftershock will answer that question. 

Tommy moves up in line and reaches the cashiers. 

Tommy: Two cheese burger meals with water please. 

Tommy tosses a 20 to them and he steps aside while they prepare his order. 

Tommy: Now my former partner, Rex McAllister, has discussed the meaning of fate, and it is a funny thing that fate. For we have no actual fate except for the fate we make for ourselves. Do you stay down for that count or do you push through the pain. That decision is decided by a few factors, one, simply put... how hungry are you? Two, have you been training for the fight of your life? And three... Are you ready to do what needs to be done to secure your success? To be Champion means to be ready to do or acquire these three crucial things. Hunger, drive, and determination. If you don't have these three things, you do not deserve to be called CHAMPION! 
Also having a plan B always helps as Well! Just saying... 

Tommy: Speaking of Rex, Xavier is wondering if our plan is to ambush him as a unit. As I said, we won't know that until Aftershock. I will go on however to say, both Rex and myself want to be the next WWX Champion... We both look to bring prestige to that belt however... I think it hasn't been ruined. I do not feel it being around Syndicates waist, Darkness waist or even Xaviers waist has tarnished the belt at all. I just believe that if it goes back around my waist then it's finally... Home! 

Tommy is given a bag with his feud and two water bottles. He thanks them and leaves the diner. 

Tommy: Truck stops believe it or not are the best spots to stop for feud, they are I personally find, the healthier option versus fast food. 

Tommy approaches the car and he turns back toward the camera. 

Tommy: California here I come! 


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