On The Road to Aftershock

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Wed, Feb14, 2018 4:54pm America/Phoenix
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On The Road to Aftershock
The red and green lights appear on the cars dashboard. There's a small digital monitor which shows info, the odometer reads 125,000 KM, the screen then shows "Trip 2" as it gets reset.

 "Bluetooth Audio" 

Camera Transitioning*

Now we see Tommy with his hands on the steering wheel playing with the Dpad controlling his set up for his trip. Some Trance featuring Saad Ayub starts playing low through the car speakers. 
Tommy adjusts the rearview mirror and we see a dark figure in the back seat.

Tommy: Welcome WWX Universe! Welcome to our Road Trip!   From Toronto Ontario all the way to California, it's gonna be a jam! Along the way I will put out some videos for all of you and of course my opponents to watch! So much fun! So without further delay let's get started! 

Tommy pulls out of the drive way and heads down the street. 

Tommy: Rex McAllister and Tommy Lipton, what is their deal right?! That's what's currently buzzing on social media right now! If you ask me OR Rex we would tell you, Lipton and McAllister have been the bigger names during 2017 and 2018. Our back and forth fued in the best of 5 series was nothing short of explosive! I heard the raitings for the WWX Network were off the charts! 
I'll tell you what, when you take two guys like Rex and Tommy Lipton and set a collision course between the two, you have nothing short of explosive freaking action! That's the same action I am sure we will bring to Aftershock! Rex and I went in to the series as friends, as respected allies, during the series we became enemies. Or the joke "frienemies" but make no mistake we left that series with a whole new respect for one another! Is the McAllister-Lipton Tandem reuniting for the night of Aftershock? 

Tommy looks up at the rearview and checks his mirrors before lane changing.

Tommy: You'll just have to wait and see. 

Tommy reaches down and grabs his Tim Hortons Coffee cup and takes a sip.

Tommy: But let's switch direction away from the McAllister-Lipton tandem and look at the "man" himself, the one who is perched high on the mountain top. The Undisputed Champion, Xavier Pendragon... There was a time I would never have been able to picture the man as a top WWX superstar, but here he is, a Champion and one of my opponents at Aftershock! 
He has come along way and while he has finally made it, he's now narrating a falsified story about Rex McAllister and Tommy Lipton... He has gone to say that unless we are the Champion of the World we basically act up, he says "they cry foul if they are not holding the World Championship" ... hmmmm
Ain't that just a bit hilarious since well, I haven't been World Champion in like 5 to 6 years... I have been back here and successfully fighting in the Tag division, so when have either of us cried foul? It hasn't been till recently Rex and I moved back to the division but even So, the past months have been focused on Rex and I destroying each other more so than complaining about not having any titles... Falsifying the truth? Perhaps his brain is as small as his balls and well I guess he needs to say something... truth or not... 

Tommy looks at the camera positioned beside him and grins. 

Tommy: Aftershock is here ladies and gents, we are but a mere few days away from action packed wrestling and historic moments in the making. I don't know about you, but I am excited! 
I am a days drive away from those Golden Gates and it's all about just that, gold... As I said it's been a few years since I was your World Champion, and although I am your Legend I cannot wait to once again travel the world representing WWX! I will hit places like, Amsterdam, Costa Rica, Berlin, Mexico, Egypt, Japan and More! I know what it means to be Champion, sometimes I wonder if these current guys know what it entails. Does Xavier? Does Xavier Pendragon really master the art of this craft of ours? And foes he master the leadership that one should have to hold that strap? Does he lead by example and represent what being a World Champ is all about? Some would argue as Xavier discussed in his video earlier. The World Champion has big shoes to fill, I am the right man to fill them and that is exactly what I plan to do!

Tommy takes another sip from his coffee and sets it down in the cup holder.

Tommy: Rex and Tommy did not strong arm anybody, no matter what Xavier would have you believe. Perhaps James Ranger just wanted his show to sell tickets and a three way main event with Tommy Lipton as one of the headlined names will do just that... and it only makes sense that we keep the buzz alive by adding Rex McAllister for the full McAllister Lipton tandem package! 

The music fades and ringing is heard. The monitor on the center dash reads Rex McAllister... 
Tommy ignores the call. 

Tommy: I'll call him back later... wonder what he wants. 

Tommy says grinning. 

Tommy: Xavier, he and his puny entourage of Betrice can think his times now and that he's doing some huge solid for the World division, but he's only a door stop, temporarily placed there until a real champion arrives. Based on my gauges, that real champion is only 4,200 kilometers away... I Am Coming... 

Tommy: As for the name Mr. WWX... Haven't you been around awhile Penny? Wasn't Xavier Pendragon here when I last was? You should know if you were paying any attention what so ever that that was never a name I came up with. You want to talk about earning things, I earned that title of Mr. WWX when I was a multiple Champion, General Manager of the damn Year and one hell of the toughest S.O.B to set foot in a WWX ring! I was Mr. WWX in the minds of everyone around because when you looked at the best of the best, the powerful of the powerful, the biggest impacter at the time, you didn't look any further than the One and Only Tommy Lipton. I forget who was the first to call me Mr. WWX, perhaps Darkness, The Lost Soul, Ethan Taylor, SPS, DGS or maybe one of the commentary team... Who knows! but sooner than later it ended up sticking and it is a name I earned for all the blood sweat and tears I put into this place. So I have earned this shot at Aftershock, you better believe it and if you don't, you better damn well start! Because I AM COMING! 
Even if you don't like it.... 

Tommy Liptons Lamborghini pulls onto the Highway heading towards California, and ultimately heading towards  Aftershock! 


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