Oncoming Changes

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Sat, Oct28, 2017 11:24am America/Phoenix
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Oncoming Changes
The scene pans to a hotel room where Rex McAllister is shown immediately. Rex is dressed in another one of his business casual attires: Black long-sleeved collared shirt, grey business khaki pants complete with a belt, and black Oxford style business shoes. Rex lays out his ring attire off to the side, organizing other items around perfectly placed. Rex takes a glance over to where the balcony is at, he notices the first signs of an oncoming storm. The strong winds picking up blow the double doors open ever more slightly where the curtains now blow along with the wind that's gaining in strength with every passing second. From the inside, Rex looks outside as raindrops begin to fall. He has a calm about him as it appears on the exterior, but deep down in his core had feelings of disappointment inside, about things he's decided over the last week or so since he has chosen to rectify. He's walks out onto the balcony, and immediately the raindrops begin touch down on his head, making his bleach blonde hair that usually stands up start to tilt to one side as he looks outward. He now has a slight grin on his face.

Rex McAllister: There's always another storm. It's the way the world works. Some are fierce, others small. It's the way you deal with them, because sometimes like fate it can keep changing directions, and you must adjust. Sometimes unpredictably, like a storm can be, you change course just like that.

Raindrops continue to fall, the winds ever stronger in strength. Rex's loose fitting clothes blow with the way of the winds. Rex wears an indifferent expression. Never glancing toward the nearby camera he continues.

Rex McAllister: I find it to be sort of sad to see, the inability of the simple human mind to correlate all of the contents that are presented to it......some days for many it can piece together dissociated knowledge, able to discover great revelations that makes us either go nuts and become overly-eager in their given situations, or go into hiding when it all becomes too overwhelming. Ignorance though is hardly unusual, I see it all the time. I live amongst it, and the more that I do, the more that it becomes obvious that it is just the natural state of most everyone's minds as they strive to defend it's sanctity, expecting you to be impressed by their efforts.

Rex raises his head up, embracing the rain as it freely falls upon his face. He continues.

Rex McAllister: There is nothing more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. But I guess that's where someone like me jumps into the fray to enlighten you mother|BLEEP|ers! Ah, you see. In a world driven by results, of course everyone feels some sense of entitlement in all of this. We all want a piece of that pie, because we worked for it, and in our minds nobody deserves it more than us.

Rex turns toward the camera, the rain falling heavily now.

Rex McAllister: However, here's where it's about to get tricky. You see, the last I checked. Facing actual legitimate threats to everything you cherish over all else time and again, is what makes your stories something worth talking about later at the end of your careers. It validates your status, elevating people's overall opinions and perspectives. Something that only a match like this one can do.

Rex looks out and away from the camera during a brief pause, before turning back toward the camera.

Rex McAllister: Someone like you, Syndicate, should have already come to understand that. A four time WWX World Champion, and yet most of all of your biggest moments have come when you didn't even have a world title. Let's face facts, matches against flashes in the pan or pretenders is not something to write home about. I mean, you could sit there all day trying to validate your reigns by beefing up names that should never matter at the top of this business like a Jake Devine, or a Cameron Wesport, Kurtis Ray, LU'Andre Xavier, but until you pull off another hat trick like you did against DGS last year, or Xander Adams the year before that! Both of which were done in impressive fashion when you were chasing the title. Until you do that, then everything that leaves that yap of yours about your self-imposed superiority means absolutely nothing to me.

Rex shows a hint of a smile.

Rex McAllister: Four reigns as a world champion, and none of those came against any of the four of us in this match, appropriately titled for this time of year! So allow me to take a moment to give you a slow golf clap for all of your lengthy accomplishments. You've slayed legends. You're a certified legend killer, and yet when it came to World Series, it was a legend that took your title from you. Let me break it down for you short stack.  You've hardly done shit anytime you've been at the top as far as I'm concerned. 

Rex McAllister: I've been waiting for this moment for a whole year. A whole year to come back and reclaim what I should've never lost! Don't get me wrong, you're hell of a talent, but everyone took a nice little snooze right through your time at the top because they never gave a shit! Where my time at the top? That was something for everyone to revel in, perhaps you can remember? A time when you were forced to play second fiddle to a rookie! However, sanctimonious crap aside, the reality of it is that you're just not that good short stack, because if you were I really would be impressed. You've not changed a bit, and while with four world titles to your name you don't feel like you have to? You actually do, and your humbling defeat at World Series proved that. Now, it could be just me. Perhaps Darkness, my pal Tommy, and Korath could see it differently. Maybe you can continue to toot your own horn to them, and maybe they might see you as someone worth their time much less a threat, but I'm willing to bet that's just not the case!

Rex laughs as he looks out again as the rain continues to fall.

Rex McAllister: Wow, you're better than all four us! Even though, you've only beaten one of us one on one EVER! 

Rex has a nice chuckle at the thought as he shakes his head in amusement.

Rex McAllister: I'm going to enjoy embarrassing you, and in a House of Horrors match? Who knows! It's looks like another unpredictable oncoming storm just like last year! See you soon short stack!

Rex looks out again, the rain feels great to him as he nods. Then he looks back at the camera. He uses his hand to slick his hair back before continuing as he looks back at the camera.

Rex McAllister: As for you, Korath, anxious? What are you so anxious about? You got your World Series win! Congratulations on winning the easiest |BLEEP|ing World Series match ever put together since its inception! Oh, we get it! You're big, you're bad, you cause destruction. You got this one in the bag against four of the very best this federation has to offer today in a match none of us have ever competed in in!

Rex smirks before bursting into laughter.

Rex McAllister: Hahahaha!!!Good on you! Another slow golf clap for you! I'll tell you what though, Korath, you do remind me a lot of your pal, Jester. So ignorant and out of touch with today's generation, walking around with a title that he has no business carrying, and I showed him exactly what I'm going to show you at Hall of Pain. Not how easy it was to put him in his place, and it was very easy. But to remind you after you're put down, that not all that glitters is gold. You walk around flexing your muscles and your hubris like you've actually done something. 

Rex turns completely toward the camera outstretching his arms, embracing the falling rain as he looks up, and then back toward the camera again.

Rex McAllister: You can rain down with all of your power, but the unpredictable part is when the oncoming storm changes course when you least expect it, and it's then that we'll find out what you're really made of. So you go ahead and keep talking yourself up like it's supposed to mean anything in a gimmick match where all the rules are thrown out the door, where one pinfall by any us decides the match!

Rex gives off a devilish grin, before continuing.

Rex McAllister: Two weeks ago I had my mind made up that I was going to challenge for the International Title. I was completely set on setting another example. But then I had epiphany, a good one. Call it fate that I'm here. At Hall of Pain, your folly becomes my fortune. Now that...was...rexcellent.

Rex once again shows his devilish grin as the scene slowly fades.


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