One Big Nightmare

Roleplay Roleplay by FILL
On Thu, Jul27, 2017 6:22am America/Phoenix
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One Big Nightmare
[ The segment takes us at a parking lot, empty of any presence besides the parked vehicles on it. The silence is broken by the sound of slow footsteps, as Fill enters the lot and looks at each car as he walks by. He looks a bit wary as he stares at each car, before he stops and begins to speak without looking at the camera. ]

Fill: Have you ever felt that nasty sensation when you enter your own nightmares, only you realize you aren't sleeping, but living them? Children are afraid of the dark, because they fear something lurks within, grown ups fear losing people close to them. I admit, I've had both nightmares before, but over the last month I have regularly had that nightmare that starts off as if I'm in heaven. Suddenly I see one of the angels frown at me and blast me to hell. As I fall down I go through one set of glass, then another, and another, I get cuts on nearly every bit of my body. I see so much blood over myself, before I finally reach the bottom and I see a car. One moment I wonder where that car came from, the other I'm falling through its sunroof window and the pain is excruciating. At least, that's what I imagine the moment my body touches that window. I wake up and I see the scars I still carry from the falls count anywhere match I lost the International Championship in more than a month ago.

[ Fill closes his eyes for a moment, as he takes a deep breath. He opens his eyes and looks directly at the camera. ]

Fill: Like I pointed out, it's very obvious where that nightmare originated from. You know how most of the times you share your nightmares, or personal demons with others, they say that you can't run away from them. The only way to conquer them, is to face them. I haven't been able to face the angel, or should I say arch angel responsible for it, but it's not very hard to face the other part of that nightmare.

[ Fill turns his attention back to one of the parked vehicles. He walks over to it and stops for a few seconds, before he climbs up on it and sits right next to its sunroof window. He stares at it and suddenly breaks a smile. ]

Fill: Feels dramatic, doesn't it? The image of it all is so simplistic, and the scars will slowly heal. Especially after what happened these last few days. During the realistic part of that nightmare, I lost something that made this job worth it all. Now?

[ Fill unzips his jacket and shows the International title belt strapped on his body. ]

Fill: Now it's back in my grasp. If I was a happy person in life, I'd say that this makes my sun shine brighter every day. Well, I'm not. I'm one messed up individual, and I've been through hell and back so many times I've lost count. I've been there with Sugarman Shazam, Azrael Khaine, The Insurgence, Xander Adams, Rayne... and now I'm back there with none other than Blayde Archer.

[ Fill lets out a quick laughter and shakes his head ]

Fill: Blayde, thanks to people like you, this life can be one big never ending nightmare. But maybe that's the point of it all. When your life is one fight after another, it's obvious sometimes your a$$ whooped. You and I have been through so much, that the phrase "I... have a dream" has become obsolete. We live for dreams that have a nightmarish ending. Our nightmare has been going on a month now, and you know what? It feels like it's only just beginning. You want to scalp me, to punish me, to make me regret I ever met you, right? And to think it all started because of the International Championship. I've faced bigger nightmares than you, but I admit, you are one of the most persistent ones. You would do anything to get what you want, and you will do it on the spot. Whether it's beating up another person right in front of me, or handcuffing me and making me feel defenseless, or trying to make me feel worthless in front of everyone else. You've done it all, and you're ready to do so much more. But just like you, I'm as stubborn as a mule. As many times as you stand in front of me and look into my eyes, smiling like I'm nothing next to you, I can do the exact same thing. But in the end, only one of us keeps that smile on his face, while the other stands down on the ground in disbelief of what just happened. On Friday, that one big nightmare continues, and this time my boy, no matter how many windows I get thrown through, I'll give it all I've got to make sure I don't stay down. All the cuts I get and all the blood I may lose, it won't be enough to keep me from getting back up and returning the favor. 

[ Fill stands up, still on the vehicle as he raises the International Championship belt in the air. ]

Fill: So come on Blayde, come down to Fury so I can show what a real life nightmare looks like, and to prove to you once and for all why that living...Bulgarian...nightmare is the International Champion!

[ fade to black ]

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