One Crazy Bitch

Roleplay Roleplay by HEX GIRL
On Sun, Jun10, 2018 1:56am America/Phoenix
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One Crazy Bitch
*The camera shows Hex Girl preparing for Wreckage. She has a combat dummy out and is practicing kicks. Specifically she is aiming for the head and has it adjusted to approximate Crazy Jenna's height. Once she notices the camera she stops for a moment.*

HG: What's wrong Jenna? Can't take what I've got to dish out? Newsflash chica around here I'm the reining hardcore queen, there are men in this fed who think twice about stepping in the ring with me. You are just some crazy bitch who can't tell the difference between a piece of gold and a child.

*She turns around and delivers a few kicks to the dummy.*

HG: You wanna know why I'm called Hex Girl. It's because I'm pure magic. Hell, I even fly without a |BLEEP|in broom. I am the Wiccan Wonder. The Horned God and the Great Goddess protect me. They see fit that I continue on my path. 

*She does a spinning heel kick that sends the dummy sliding back.*

HG: But I have another name around here, Psychopixie. You want to get crazy? You wanna get brutal? You want to see blood? Then come on let's get crazy. The difference between you and me Jenny-doll is I don't need a weapon to make you bleed and leave that ring looking like a crime scene. But if you need that crutch I'll play that game it just gives me more options to make a mess of your ass. 

*She makes a quick symbol with her hand towards the camera.*

HG: At Wreckage you're gonna get Hexxed.  Fiat voluntas mea.

*She walks of camera leaving the camera 'staring' at the dummy*

[cut to Hex Girl's logo before fading to WWX logo]

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