One question

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Tue, Nov21, 2017 12:50pm America/Phoenix
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One question
(The scene comes to life behind a night club where Tommy Lipton is seen exiting the building with a few cute girls hanging off his arms. A reporter from WWX has been patiently waiting to talk to him about the upcoming series of matches he will have with his former tag partner, Rex McAllister)

Reporter: Mr Lipton a moment of your time?

Lipton: One...

Reporter: One?

Lipton: One question.

Reporter: Okay.

Lipton: Make it count.

Reporter: Prior to everything you hadn't really given the WWX Universe your thoughts on Rex McAllister as an opponent. You always dodged the topic... So my question Is, can we have those thoughts now from You?

Tommy: He's a great fighter. He was a great friend and tag partner. I have made it very clear that I have no desire to fight him. Sure, I slammed him to the canvass last week but let's get real, he had that coming. 
What I rather discuss is how in the blue hell does Kurtis Ray and Rayne have a title shot... 
Have a good evening miss.

(With that Tommy walks off with his lady friends and gets into the back of a black Lincoln.)

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