One Way Or The Other

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Thu, Dec07, 2017 8:22am America/Phoenix
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One Way Or The Other
The scene takes place at a dark rundown area that is undisclosed at the moment. It's night time, and the lighting in the area is not the best, just some street lights giving the area it's lighting. Then we here footsteps in the background. Soon the cameras catch up with the sound of the footsteps. At first all we see are the shoes of two people walking along.

??? Why did you pick the darkest time of the day to do this? There's much time that has been wasted that we could've done something far more, oh I don't know, exciting!

??? There's a plenty of time for that. Besides, I need to prove a point this weekend. Tommy Lipton...

??? Your former partner.

??? Yes, him. What he sees right now is a victory this week, a clean sweep, and I must show him differently.

The camera finally pans out a bit to show Rex McAllister wallking. Rex is wearing a black longsleeve overcoat to ward off the cooler temperatures. He's also wearing business casual pants and shoes. His hands in his pockets. Next to him appears a young woman, almost dressed in similar fashion as Rex, except she's much shorter than him wearing a sweater. Her long dark brown hair sits past her shoulders. She should look familiar to some. Her mood seems a bit subdued at the moment due to Rex's emotional state, as he seems to be deep in thought at the moment.

Rex McAllister: I must show him why I got to where I have today in the World Wrestling Xistence. Tommy wants to believe that being legendary in a tag team is self explanatory.

??? He did beat you last week, and showed that he still has what it takes to be at the top. 

Rex looks down at her, showing a rather annoyed expression. She simply looks at him and shrugs her shoulders. It's at this time that her name flashes on the screen. 

"The Vixen" Constance Blevins

Rex McAllister: I'm not worried. I've got things cooked up for this weekend. Tommy Lipton won't know what hit him.

Constance: Oh, that's right. It's a tables match. Where he just has to put you through a table. It seems like it's gotten easier for him, if you ask me, Rex. I mean, you're clearly not thinking straight. Hey, where are we going?

Rex turns off the side walk with Constance giving close follow, but she's clearly been thrown for a loop, very confused. Rex keeps walking, his pace has picked up.

Constance: H-Hey! Rex! Earth to Rex! What are you...

Rex removes his hands from his pockets and begins running through a series of trees.

Constance: WAIT!!!

Constance freezes for a moment, watching as Rex continues on. She looks around, then finally decides to give chase before he disappears. 

Constance: How does this help!!?? How are you going to win this way, Rex!!? I don't get it!

Constance sees Rex from a distance, standing there. She stops momentarily, but runs the rest of the way to get to where he's at. You can hear water in the background. Then you see off in a distance both Rex and Constance staring out. It's a waterfall, and they are standing on the edge of a rock, not quite a cliff though. Constance who's breathing hard as she looks out. She looks at him, still confused.

Constance: Rex, what's got into you? Why are you letting one person change your whole world? I mean, you lose this week, so...

Rex interrupts 

Rex McAllister: I have a question for you.

Rex says turning toward Constance and actually looking at her young angelic eyes and confused face. Rex smirks.

Rex McAllister: We're all alone. You think if I jumped right now, the world would miss me? 

Constance: I-, Rex!...

Rex McAllister: Better yet, you think if I threw you down there, the world would miss you?

Rex leans in toward her, Constance backing away obviously frightened for her life, but doesn't want to leave Rex in this state of mind. She wants to help. Rex turns back toward the waterfall that drizzled upon the rocks.

Rex McAllister: That's the way it's going to be this weekend. It's either him...or me. He has the advantage, but he doesn't know what it will take to put me away for good, he never did. The first match, I wanted to send a message. I did that. The second match, fueled by desperation, he found a way. However, it's not because he's legendary. Putting a label on success, I've learned it's by what you continuously do, and not by throwing caution to the wind for just one night. 

Constance slowly makes her way back to where Rex is, being cautious.

Rex McAllister: He did what must be done, but he did nothing the last time. He survived, that's all he did. I still stand here, ready to crush his hopes and dreams of ever getting back to where he once was. When I am done, the world will miss him. The world clamors for more of what it has now. This age of wrestling, not the past, and that's what I will show my former partner as this series goes on until the bitter end.

Rex turns toward Constance again. She looks at him, a concerned expression her face. He pulls his right hand out of his pocket to extend out for her to take. She is a bit hesitant for a second, but then she takes it.

Rex McAllister: Let's go.

The camera catches both from behind in the dark walking way back out toward the road through the trees as the scene begins to fade.


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