Only the facts

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On Tue, Nov14, 2017 1:35pm America/Phoenix
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Only the facts
[The camera opens up showing a very old and rusted CSX transportation sign. The railroad looks empty and unused as different parts of the track are broken throughout. The camera pans out showing a man walking the tracks as they approach. Shortly after, they catch up as the man is donning a pair of pants and a black hooded sweatshirt. The camera catches up as the man stops with his back turned and begins speaking].

???: In life they say you can either come from the right side or wrong side of the tracks. It matters in your upbringing, your environment, your attitude. All of those factors seem to tie in. Thatís how youíre judged is by what side of the proverbial tracks you come from. 

[Rayne turns around brushing back his hood. He turns and stares at the camera, a smirk on his face].

Rayne: My story had already been told before, no need to go that route again. You see, people are so quick anymore to judge and assume. Now, donít think that I havenít been guilty of it myself because I know that I have. Self conviction though rare in some is something that I can admit to. You see though, it hasnít come as easy for some others. They like to make up their own stories, their own ways of the way things went down, whether they be true or not. The facts dont matter to them, but simply how they want to tell it. 

[Rayne zips down his sweatshirt and reveals a shirt that says #raynedelay. He looks down at it innocently].

Rayne: Hey, what can I say. Being a WWX superstar has its perks. Early access to only the best merch. Recently, Iím being told that my mouth is cashing checks that my asÖ*stops and holds a finger over his mouth* oh I canít say that. This is supposed to be a PG show. Regardless, cashing checks that my butt canít cash. While both utterly amusing and sad at the same time, it appears that my opponent, Mr. Hype train himself, Kurtis Ray, adds himself to a fine long list of misguided fools. 

[Rayne drops his head and laughs a moment and then continues speaking]. 

Rayne: It would appear that after multiple shots to numerous parts of his body and head, the ďtrainĒ has derailed at some point. You see, Ray came out in front of a bunch of fans here recently and started yelling facts upon facts like some kind of backwoods preacher. He started out by stating that he has beaten me before. *Laughs* Tell me...when did that happen? You must be referring to Hall of Pain where Pendragon pinned me. Where were you during thatÖ*taps his head* oh yeah on the mat. Nowhere involved in that pin attempt. Meanwhile, I beat you in the first round of the tag tournament. So thereís your first ďfactĒ debunked. Just because you lasted longer in a match doesnít make you someone who ďbeatĒ me. Pendragon can say that, you however, cannot.

[Rayne continues to walk looking down at the broken track as he goes].

Rayne: The next few were some real doozies. He started by saying that he was going to win the crusade cup match, which we all know the outcome of. Not only did he lose that match, but then lost the World Title match later that night against Syndicate. I am sure that you are going to use the double duty excuse and hey thatís fine. But it wonít with me. I could care less than to hear that. Finally he stated that I had to handcuff him to make him less of a threat. He tends to forget that he had to team up with Pendragon to stop me, and then was cuffed by the same man helping him afterward. So you can say that Iím cashing checks from an overdrawn account, but where the hell are you getting your accounts? All the people you mentioned, outside of Syndicate because weíve never been pitted against each other, Iíve beat them. Some more than once. The same people that youíve lost to. 

[Rayne drops his head in his hands and then continues speaking].

Rayne: You see, you talk about how I talk a big game and this and that, but the difference between us is that I talk facts. All these people you claim are under you are the same ones that youíve lost to. You think that youíre under my skin? *Laughs* hardly. Only one of us seem to have an over inflated opinion of ourselves and I assure you that the camera was pointed at him earlier in the day when he was talking this dumb shi* that was put out earlier. However I find myself wondering, throughout all of this, you still havenít asked the question Iíve been waiting for. Why did I pick you to come at out of the whole roster? There are plenty of other people that I could be going after. But I CHOSE you. 

[Rayne stops and stares down the tracks as he continues]. 

Rayne: You see Kurtis, I came to you for the one of the other things you mentioned. You were right about one thing in your little speech. You have held a championship that I need to attain. And I could go about it the way of calling out the champion and so on so forth, but thatís not me. I wouldnít feel right doing that. I intend to lay my path to the title by beating those that have held it, the measuring sticks if you will, and then make my way to the champion. I took out Darkness, and that leaves you next on my list. I donít need to beat you. I have nothing to prove to you that I havenít already. I WANT to beat you again by myself to show that I can do it. 

[Rayne stares down the tracks once more. He takes the shirt off and holds it out staring at it a moment]. 

Rayne: Ray, you are going to twist the facts as you do in your favor. I expect nothing less from you. This railroad has seen its share of tall tales much like other places. However, the thing you donít see traveling here anymore is any trains at all, including the hype train. You're right though about one thing. Come Ravage, there will be a Rayne delay. But this one will only be temporary before the train makes its final stop to rest and rust, much like the other trains that have traveled its path before it. Thereíll be more to come. See you soon. 

[He tosses the shirt onto the track and zips his hoodie back up as he continues down the track. The scene fades to black].

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