Open Challenge for the International Title

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Mon, Dec11, 2017 12:11am America/Phoenix
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Open Challenge for the International Title
(Backstage at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Mellon sits in the green room looking to step onstage and talk about wrestling, the WWX, and being a champion again. It was fifteen years ago that Mellon was a guest on Jay Leno, talking about being the IWA World Champion and promoting his World Title Match with B.B. King. A match he would ultimately lose while being ambushed by several other competitors. Mellon now stands as the International Champion, a reign that has now lasted over a month. However, this is a different Mellon now. He no longer is the 'Make a Wish Foundation', charity giving, fan favorite for fifteen years ago. He is a loathed superstar who is repeatedly jeered on all of his appearances.)

Stage Manager: Mr Mellon, we are at places for your entrance. If you would please follow me.

Mellon: Sounds good. (Mellon is wearing a grey suit, royal blue tie and royal blue pocket square. His International Title lying over his shoulder.)

(Mellon stands just off stage as Colbert makes his announcement coming back from a break. The previous guest, still sitting out there, is comedian Jerry Seinfeld.)

Stephen Colbert: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back. We have quite the guest coming out next. He is a legend in his field. The current WWX International Champion, Bob 'the Beast' Mellon!

(The crowd, mostly non-wrestling fans cheers Mellon as he enters. Playing along with the appearance, Mellon flexes for the crowd. The band plays a reduced version of Guerilla Radio. Mellon walks towards the desk, reaches his hand out to shake Stephen's hand. As the two shake hands Mellon makes believe that Stephen's grip is too strong and he falls to one knee, getting a laugh from the crowd. The band stops playing as he shakes Jerry Seinfeld's hand as well)

Colbert: Well, you are one big guy...

Mellon: Years of working out will do that. (He laughs0

Colbert: So did you always know you wanted to be a pro wrestler?

Mellon: Actually no, I had originally wanted to play professional baseball. Jerry and I have one thing in common and that is that we both root for the same baseball team. That was my dream of course. When that didn't work out I knew I wanted to be an athlete. I then did some martial arts and wrestling school when I was in my late teens and early twenties. Then, it happened. I made my appearance with the IWA and the rest is history. 

(The crowd applauds)

Colbert: So you took time off and now you come back. Why?

Mellon: You know, my kids weren't born when I was a wrestler. They didn't know who I was before they were born. Sure they saw videos but I don't think it felt real to them. I don't think they knew that was my job. Now they get to see their dad doing some pretty heinous things and being something I don't think they ever could have imagined. I get back into it, a title shot falls into my lap and now I'm back on top again.

Colbert: Isn't that convenient. (Crowd laughs) So you have a big triple threat match coming up on this month's PPV. 

Mellon: To be honest I've been in the squared circle with both of these morons. Krimzon Blaze, the guy I just wrestled one on one this past Saturday was a true loser. I dominated the entire match to the point that he required help from his talentless partner, Fozzy Osbourne, in order to stay relevant in the match. Then Tom Black comes out, wallops Blaze in the head with a chair right in front of the referee costing me the match by DQ. Originally it was supposed to be a one on one title match at Holiday Hell between me and Tom Black. Unfortunately, he lost a match to Krimzon a couple weeks back that made this a triple threat. (Colbert makes believe he's taking notes as the crowd laughs) I know, I get it. Tough to follow. Needless to say, both of these toolbags don't stand a chance against me one on one or in a triple threat match. They are literally in way over their heads...

Colbert: So you have no worries fighting two men that would love to destroy you?

Mellon: I mean, I would be nervous if they had an ounce of talent or skill. It's like you going up against Fallon. He doesn't stand a chance. (Crowd laughs and Colbert blushes) Tom Black's claim to fame is that he has won some MMA matches at some time. Blaze is over the hill and that's sad considering I'm the WWX legend. Long story short, these idiots are wasting some good PPV time. This PPV should be two wrestlers going one on one with some prestige and history. That Fozzy Bear guy would be the ideal opponent. Unfortunately, the WWX wants to give opportunities to those who don't deserve it. 

Colbert: Those are some fighting words... (Crowd laughs) So do you have any other matches before this?

Mellon: Yeah, actually I have one next Saturday. You see, I have grown so tired of this bore-fest of a feud with Krimzon and Black that I issued an open challenge to anyone interested and willing to take me on in the squared circle. So now I am sitting back, with my title on the line, waiting to see if anyone in the WWX is remotely man enough to go one on one with the Beast. So far, I have heard from no takers but it is still early.

Colbert: Are you afraid of anyone that it could be?

Mellon: I am not afraid of anyone. Plain and simple, the title is always on the line. I don't hide behind non-title matches. Never have and never will. With that being said I understand the risk of living like that but I am definitely confident that there is not a man or woman in this federation that can beat me. Not a man or woman that can pin me 1, 2, 3. With my luck it'll be either Krimzon or Black that will take me up on the challenge, further boring me with this empty feud of nothingness. 

Colbert: When will you find out about the match?

Mellon: I might not find out until the moment I am in the squared circle waiting for the guy or girl to walk through those curtains. All in all, come Holiday Hell, I will still be the champion and for those of you who may be wondering, I have a few tricks up my sleeve for that triple threat match. A major surprise. But I've already said too much...

Colbert: That is one confident man right there. You can see Bob Mellon defending his title weekly on WWX Ravage and don't forget to order WWX 
Holiday Hell! BOB MELLON!! 

(The crowd gets up and cheers as Mellon stands, flexes and heads back off stage to the backstage area. Mellon grabs his stuff, leaves the studio and gets in a car that takes him back home to Brooklyn.) 

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