Open Challenge? Not Anymore...

Roleplay Roleplay by TOM BLACK
On Tue, Dec12, 2017 10:29am America/Phoenix
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Open Challenge? Not Anymore...
[The screen opens to a busy interview set, Tom Black is sat on a sofa in the corner facing a confident interviewer. They're about to start when the crew counts them in. The interviewer cuts of Black as he's about to speak.] 

Interviewer: Hello, and welcome to the TalkWWX show. Tonight, we have Tom Black to talk to! So,, 

Tom, would you like to introduce yourself to newer viewers? 

Black: I am the Dark One and future WWX International championship, thatís all I can say really. 

Interviewer: Ok, so, Tom, let's start off by talking about the International division. Any views or opinions? 

Black: Well, the International division is heating up really, I'm now in a 3 way rivalry with Krimzon Blaze and Bob Mellon, apparently Fozzy Osborne is now a contender but he needs to stay in his own damn sorry division, defending his championship like a good champion instead of trying to steal mine.  

Interviewer: Ok, so there's been rumours that you have the possibility of accepting Mellon's open challenge, anything to settle. 

Black: Yes, I will settle those rumours, by saying I'm not leaving that Ravage without the championship. There are no rumours with the Dark One, I will be in the open challenge match and Mellon has nowhere to run, I will be there and I will rip him apart piece by piece until I gain that championship. And that's that, no funny business. Sorry Osborne, sorry Hex Girl, this is my moment. 

Interviewer: Wow! So you will be facing the champ for the championship then? That is something. 

Black: Yes, it is something. And Tom Black will be champ coming out of Holiday Hell as well, even if I don't manage to steal the gold from Bob. He has said some patronising things to me lately, that I'm the underdog. I wasn't the underdog when I Black Holed his sorry corpse onto the chair, and I wont be the underdog when he steps into the ring with the 6'11 monster that is me. 

Interviewer: You really are quite a large man, so how are you gonna use that to your advantage. 

Black: Bill, Bill, I can't tell you that! 

[Black taps his nose to signify that his game plan is secret to him.] 

Interviewer: Is there anything you'd like to say about Willie Steen, your first opponent of the night? 

Black: Yes, there are a few things I'd like to say to Willy Stain, Steen, do you remember my match with you? My first ever match in the WWX? Yes, you won by disqualification but I slammed your ass to the mat and I left you helpless on the mat. Ravage will be no different, you will just be a stepping stone for me, late training for my title shot if you must. Anyway, there as a point in my younger days that I respected you, but you didn't prove your worth against me. Carry on Bill... 

Interviewer: Yes, I have a few more questions for you from the fans coming in live right now... 

Black: I have fans? Oh thatís pretty cool. 

Interviewer: Yes, yes you do. Blake in Ohio said, "How are you training for Mellon's match?" 

Black: Well, Blake, cool name by the way. I am doing classic MMA training, believe it or not I can take my real aggression into the ring... 
[Toms neck twitches at the thought of unchecked aggression and rage on Mellon and Steen.] 

Black:Ö so that is what I will do to train for this upcoming match. 

Interviewer: Ok, next question... John in Kentucky says, "Are you thinking of how to deal with Krimzon at all?". 

Black: Yes actually, believe it or not Blaze is quite accomplished in the ring and I will be looking for the moments where he gets to overconfident and use them to my advantage. He may be good at fighting but he is arrogant and is blinded by that. 

Interviewer: Few more questions, Sam in Devon, England says, "How are you so confident you'll beat such greats like Blaze and Mellon and do you believe you're a bit out of your league?". 

Black: Answering your first question, I am confident because I've been watching WWX since 2001 so I know how the business works, and who Blaze and Mellon are. They are extremely accomplished wrestlers in their own right, but I've studied them. I know what they're like in the ring. Mellon can smack talk all he wants, but when we get in the ring, he'll be taking those words back immediately.  

Interviewer: One more question from... wait... Bob Mellon?!  He says, "Ha, thatís cute Tom, how are you supposed to beat me you piece of crap?" Any- any words on that? 

Black: I've had enough words. 

[FTB as Tom storms out] 

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