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On Thu, Jul06, 2017 1:31am America/Phoenix
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Location: Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, California
Time: 1:35 am Pacific Standard Time
Place: The Playboy Mansion

[Scene opens with a tight close up shot of Blayde Archer, Justice Johnston and Ezra Zion puffing on a gentleman pipe in a scarlet red satin smokers jacket. The camera pulls back to reveal the Blade Club book marked by Hostess and playboy Mansion owner Daren Metropaulos on the left and flanked by the infamous Huge Hefner on the right who are also wearing matching smokers jackets, all cupping a glass of Hennessy Cognac with smiles .The view peers across the enormous estate mansion and onto the grotto, where five young super models are shown removing their green Kimono robes and covered by a censor bar as the lovely ladies dive in and start a sexy splash fight with each other.]


I gotta say Hef.. can I call you Hef?

Huge Hefner: “I would be insulted if you didn’t..”

You are walking, talking, legendary icon, my man. Living the life millions of men would love to have.   

A true role model for basically all of mankind. 

We wouldn’t be saying it if it wasn’t true. You stay surrounded by only the most gorgeous, beautiful women in the world and accomplished more financial success than most men could ever dream.

That is why we would consider a very special honor and privilege if you would please accept our shirt and become an honorary member of the best thing going in wrestling today, That being the Blade Club.

[Blayde Archer unrolls the black and silver lettered Blade Club T-shirt and presents it to Huge Hefner. Justice Johnston straps a replica Blade Club version of the International Championship Title around the original playboy’s waist as Ezra Zion snaps a picture of the scene from his iphone.]

Daren Metropaulos: “What about me? Do I get anything?”

You get to refill our glasses. Hurry up and make it snappy.

Daren Metropaulos: “But I..”

Less talky, more fetchy drinkies!

[The owner of the playboy mansion scoffs and walks off in a huff. The Blade Club doesn’t care enough to notice.]

This place is amazing. You literally have it all..

Huge Hefner: “Well, if you consider 22 rooms including a wine cellar, a screening room with built-in pipe organ, a game room, three aviary zoo buildings, a pet cemetery, a tennis, slash basketball court, a waterfall, swimming pool, grotto, outdoor kitchen, a basement gym with sauna below the bathhouse, a streaming large koi pond, a small citrus orchard along with two well-established forests of tree ferns and redwoods having it all… then yes I guess that I do! Haha.”

You and I? We have a lot in common Hef. We both know what we want and we take it. Through sheer will, determination and skill. How we go about our business might differ but the results stay the same. The Blade Club? We are proven winners. Just like you.

[The Blade Club lift their glasses with Huge Hefner and clang together in a toast.]

Huge Hefner: “Truer words have never been spoken my friend.”

[Archer takes a sip from his cognac drink and swishes it around the glass as he turns to the camera.]

We came… We saw… We CONQUERED!! Our Quest was made clear from day one and step one of our Manifest Destiny is complete. You are looking at the quickest rising superstar in WWX HISTORY! That isn’t just my ego talking here either, it is a proven FACT! Nobody has ever won the International Championship Title in their first month yet here I stand WWX… as YOUR champion!

[Justice Johnston is shown in the background chasing after a pair of playboy models.]

Rayne, as easy as it would be for me to come out here and bad mouth you. I’m not going to do that.  You and I have beat the unholy hell out of one another and raised each others game while raising the bar for this in the process.

[Blayde Archer opens his scarlet red smokers jacket to reveal the International Championship Title.]

This bad boy has a brand new shine and even more of a quality prestige than it had before.. For that reason alone, you earned not only my respect but OUR respect… and just to show what kind of man I am? Rayne, you name the time and the place when you lick your wounds clean and we can do this all over again.. I will even be willing to put the International Championship Title on the line.. if you ask nicely… 

[He gives a cocky wink as two beautiful blondes appear next to Archer, rubbing the gold.]

This could have been you Fill. Standing here with my Intercontinental Championship Title around your waist. Rubbing elbows with Huge Hefner and the Hollywood elite. All you had to do was accept my very generous offer. Instead you chose to stomp down the stubborn path to your own demise. Like a lamb being led to the slaughter. You are becoming frustrated and frustration leads to mistakes. Even you should realize by now that with me, one mistake is all it takes to end up on the losing end. I appreciate your “kind” words, salty as they may be but there is one major issue you are failing to see here. 

Your match with Rayne? We didn’t ruin it… no on the contrary my foe,  the Blade Club were your personal saviors that night! The Arch Angel played you like it was a game and made you look like a damn fool!  He stabbed you in the back, exposed you as the weakest link in the tag team you two once had then was coming to take that International Championship Title away from you. I think a valid argument can be made that Rayne would have been successful to if it wasn’t for yours truly offering my services. So what you SHOULD be saying right now, is thank you. Thank you Blade Club for having my back and doing what was right. You could have made a career defining decision. Instead you proved yourself to be nothing more than an ingrate who would rather help the man who betrayed you than the team that was looking out for your own best interests. That was the biggest mistake of your career Fill and now I am not just coming for you, I am coming for blood. I am coming for your scalp and you will pay a heavy price for that decision in the form of a crimson mask. Mark my words..

[The scene fades on the Blade Club and Huge Hefner joining the nude females in the grotto as we fade.]

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