Out of Patience

Roleplay Roleplay by CAMERON WESTPORT
On Tue, Jun06, 2017 12:21am America/Phoenix
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Out of Patience
[Sitting patiently in a private gym, Cam Westport is taping his hands up. Delicately he wraps around each of his fingers and breaths calmly.]

Cam ďAll of you say the same thing. For all the words spoken at me and put on me in the last couple of weeks, Iíve heard the same thing over and over again. Rayne may have put it politely and correctly has not underestimated my stature. Just like the others however he has harped on and on of this point of taking early career loses to make me a better athlete. Getting my ass whopped, to build character. The referees seem to be on board with this. Twice now, TWICE! Iíve put down an opponent with the best finishing move in all of wrestling The W and followed up with a getting a 3 count. Then the referee decides that they (in a mocking tone) Ďgot their foot on the ropeí Iíve knocked em out, stone cold, out of commissioned only to have the referees turn around the decision and then my snakes of opponents have snuck up and stolen a win from me! ď

[Cam visibly frustrated, stands up and spikes the roll of tape on the ground out of rage. The then kicks it across the room and flips the bench he was sitting on. Unable to keep his cool he then punts his Gatorade across the room.]

Cam ďNo more! No longer will I be screwed by referees, or have titles pulled out from under me! This Sunday at Mayhem, I will take one big step closer to the International Championship that LuíAndre Xavier stole from me AFTER getting pinned!Ē

[Still throwing a near tantrum, he grabs his head enraged. He begins to cool down, pacing back and forth, breathing more and more slowly. He paces in and out of frame cooling down. After collecting his cool he flips up the bench and sits back down. He looks straight into the camera, once again calm.]

Cam ďIíve got nothing against you Rayne. Youíre actually one of the most tolerable people Iíve ran into since arriving here in the WWX, but you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. I have been wronged right out of my title. The commentator said I had done it, the hand slapped the mat for 3, but no my title was stolen. Now I must climb back up the ladder and take it back. Rayne is going to be across the ring from the best athlete in the WWX and that athlete is in a bad mood. All due respect to Rayne, but Iím going to run him over on Mayhem, then Iím going to do it again. And again. Iím taking this win and Iím taking my spot atop the mountain back.Ē

[Cam impatiently pops up to his feet and angrily jogs out of frame. Soon after weights can be heard clanking and Cam slams the weights onto his bar in preparation for a lift.] 

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