Outside Ravage FIXED

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Sun, Dec10, 2017 11:05am America/Phoenix
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Outside Ravage FIXED
*camera flashes* they blind the Legend as he makes his way out of the stadium after facing his first loss to Rex McAllister. A journalist who's face is very familiar as we just saw her with Rex McAllister only minutes earlier runs up to him. Sarah Jackson is looking for a reaction from Tommy Lipton over tonight's loss on Ravage.

Sarah: I just finished chatting with Rex who is more than joyful over his win here tonight, I actually interrupted him singing...

Tommy stops walking and he slowly turns smiling ear to ear which has Sarah Jackson puzzled. 

Tommy: Is he singing? That's nice. 

Tommy continues to walk toward his driver standing beside a Ford Lincoln. Sarah runs again after him.

Sarah: Rex feels you played into his hands and that with ease he destroyed you tonight...

Again Tommy turns smiling ear to ear.

Tommy: Oh he does, does he? ... eh, that's cool. 

Tommy continues walking toward the car.

Sarah: He also is aggressively pointing out that he is greatness and you are blind if you feel you were the sole reason for the McAllister-Lipton tandem success. 

Tommy keeps walking...

Sarah: He says it's not over yet until he succeeds...

Tommy smiles at her but keeps walking.

Sarah: Do you not have anything to say in response or even a reaction for tonight's loss to Rex McAllister? 

Tommy stops smiling... He nods. He locates a few steps and climbs them so that he's over looking the fans and reporters all gathered around. He looks down at Sarah Jackson. He smiles again.

Tommy: Tonight Rex McAllister beat me. Tonight he was the better man. Now it has been said that Rex is not planning to lose this series, it has been said he considers himself the absolute greatest here in the WWX today.

Tommy looks at Sarah he then looks past her and over the many in attendance watching on. 

Tommy: I would expect nothing less from him. Does one assume Rex McAllister is going to bow before me or any other? If so I wouldn't have been his partner for a year, that's not what makes a great superstar. Rex is doing exactly what I would expect and that is staying completely confident. Rex is one loss away from failing and having to start over. For the record, I spoke about how I was responsible for the success of the Lipton McAllister tandem, indeed that is fact, but so is a fact Rex as well is responsible for our success. Now he may decide to mock me for calling what we had a brotherhood, I was trying to be respectful but if he doesn't view it as such then so be it. What Rex McAllister needs to learn sooner than later is this, I'm a nice guy but cross me or threaten me and I'll bring him down. 

Tommy goes to step down but stops. He again looks at Sarah and smiles.

Tommy: tonight I had a few surprises in store but unfortunately I was unable to capitalize. Rex McAllister is right now singing backstage, his songs will be sung all week I am sure of it. But come next week the only song he will be signing is that of bellowing agony when I lock on my signature Cross Face and the instruments you all will hear will be the drumming of his hands pounding on the canvass as he taps out!  

Tommy steps off and walks up to Sarah Jackson.

Tommy: Better? 

Sarah: Well... Ya!

Tommy goes to his ride the driver opens his door. Before he gets in however Tommy turns back to face Sarah.

Tommy: If you talk to him again can you pass on a message for me?

Sarah: Sure, what is it?

Tommy: I Am Coming!

Tommy smiles at her as he gets into the car and the scene fades to black

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