Overconfident Boss

Roleplay Roleplay by FILL
On Wed, Jun07, 2017 2:08pm America/Phoenix
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Overconfident Boss
[ The segment starts with Fill watching the match Cameron Westport vs Lu'Andre Xavier. He is almost at the end, where Westport pinned LX for the three count, just as LX put his foot on the rope ]

Fill: Hm, how lucky can you get?

[ He reaches the ending when Lu'Andre finished Westport off for the victory. He is handed the International Championship belt and at that moment Fill turns the television off and throws the remote carelessly on the side ]

Fill: Around the time that happened I had more respect for Lu'Andre. Was it because I knew him from before, was it because I thought he had what it takes to be a champion, or was it because I didn't like his opponent. Maybe it's because of all three.

[ Fill turns around, firstly looking at something else in the room before turning his attention to the camera ]

Fill: Cameron Westport did a good one on me, wasting my nerves week after week, attacking me and feeding me to Giant Khoklov. Lu'Andre, the best thing you did back then was shut Cam's mouth and shoving him aside from the title picture, for that I thank you. However...

[ Fill stops mid sentence and gets up from the chair. He walks over to the corner of the room where there's a desk. At the top of the desk is the International title belt. Fill grabs it and continues his thoughts ]

Fill: Titles built careers, they can start a war before you know it, they can ruin friendship, overall they can be like a minefield. Lately I've been stepping over a lot of those without even holding the title. But while it was in your hands, all it did was turn you into an overconfident prick. You turned your back on Ravage even though it's just as much a part of WWX as Mayhem is, you let Syndicate fend for himself and he still managed to survive on his own. You might be a boss to yourself and a few other unfortunate souls, but you don't control anything around here. You threatened to break me and you failed, that was enough to show how much of a boss you are. Rayne did more damage to me in one second than you did during the whole match, so here's what we're gonna do.

[ He throws the International title on his shoulder taps on it as he carries on ]

Fill: We'll continue where we left off, and this time I'm in the mood to do the breaking. I won't need any dirty tricks, I won't need the Blade Club to ruin it for me this time. You get in my face enough and I'll make sure it's the last thing you see as you fall down by the Stressout. The International title is on the right shoulder, and I'm gonna walk out of Mayhem with that title on the same place. Don't say I didn't warn you...boss...

[ Fade to black ]

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