#Overdrawn (v. Rayne)

Roleplay Roleplay by KURTIS RAY
On Mon, Nov13, 2017 9:22pm America/Phoenix
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#Overdrawn (v. Rayne)
(Kurtis Ray is seated on a chair, dressed in his ring gear. It's dark and various production crew is milling around, with the only sliver of light coming from a gently waving curtain. Kurtis has earphones in and appears to be listening to music, until one of the production crew members taps his shoulder. Kurtis pulls out the earphones and the crew member leans into him to say something. Kurtis grins and slaps the man on the back, shaking his hand before rising and stretching.

The muffled opening strains of "Hype can be heard playing as Kurtis bounced on his feet, until the same production crew member points to him and Kurtis bursts through the curtain, washing the camera out. The angle changes to show Kurtis standing on the stage at a WWX event, his music pounding behind him as he makes his way to the front of the ramp, opening up his robe to reveal a t-shirt that has been hastily modified to read #raynedelay. The crowd roars for the former champion as he stalls at the top of the ramp, posing for his fans before he begins on his way down to ringside.

He takes the time on his journey to bump fists and shake hands as he goes, rolling into the ring. He kips up to his feet to another pop from the fans, producing a microphone out of an inside pocket of his robe before discarding the garment, tossing it into the crowd.)

KURTIS: What is UP UNIVERSE! Make some noise if you got your tickets to take a ride on the HYPE TRAIN! Lemme hear ya!

(Kurtis holds a finger to his ear and points the mic at the roaring crowd. He looks begrudgingly impressed, but after a moment cups his hand by his ear, shaking his head and mouthing the words "I can't hear you.")

KURTIS: What was that? You can do better than that, I said LEMME HEAR YA!

(The crowd erupts again and Kurtis bounces on the balls of his feed, grinning the widest grin. He shows off in the ring for a couple of moments until the ruckus dies down.)

KURTIS: Alright, that was pretty good. Actually that was awesome, man. Seriously, Universe, you guys are the best. Sadly, I am not out here tonight to blow smoke up your backsides, as much as I love doing that. I'm out here tonight because, as you are all no doubt aware, I have a match with the guy that basically cost me the race for the case. Rayne.

(The fans respond with a decent pop for Rayne, and Kurtis responds with a dour look on his face before gesturing for them to quiet down.)

KURTIS: I get it, you guys like the guy. You like Fill, and you like When Worlds Collide. Which, by the way, might be the most awkwardly named tag team in human history, and I worked in an operation where the tag champs were a duo called The World-Famous Flying Flannery Brothers.

(This earns a mix of laughter and cheers from the fan, and Kurtis plays it up with an exaggerated bow.)

KURTIS: Rayne. You've been working the heat box, man, and I gotta tell you. Your trash talk game is weak. You keep saying the same thing, how I'm going to get destroyed, how you're going to be destroyed, how there's going to be a casualty, how you're going to beat an understanding of humorous wordplay into me when you're the one that called me mocking you a 'cheesy pun.' It is  all at once entertaining, depressing, and freaking bewildering that you are so bad at this when your job is to talk and punch people.

(Kurtis shakes his head, lifting his eyebrows and shrugging exaggeratedly.)

KURTIS: But hey, who am I to talk? Not like I'm a former champion. Not like it was only a few months ago that I put up two match of the year quality matches in the same night, aginst Nero Moore and Syndicate. It's not like I beat both Damian Price and Xavier Pendragon in the same night to win a spot in the Crusade Cup, in a match I only lost because Syndicate stuck his face where it didn't need to be. Not like I didn't step up in the Race for the Case and cause enough of a ruckus that you had to handcuff me to make me less of a threat.

(Kurtis tosses an exaggerated wink at the crowd and earns another round of laughs and cheers.)

KURTIS: Meanwhile we have you, a fond of overblown confidence. Not so long ago you were bragging about your record at pay per views, your record on whatever TV show they banished you to so they could feed you enhancement talent so it looked legit when they stuck you on a big show. If you think anything you're said or anything you've done intimidates me, you have another thing coming. You're not a good enough wrestler or a bad enough badass to intimidate me. You're just kind of there, talking, trying to get under my skin as deep as I've gotten under yours. Your mouth is writing checks that I guarantee you your ass can't cash.

(The crowd pops again, and Kurtis indulges them for a moment, holding out the mic to the crowd again.)

KURTIS: You hear that, Rayne? They don't think you can beat me either. They may like you, but they don't believe in you any more than I do. You're not ready for the Hype Train on full tilt. But I'm ready for you. On Ravage, simple as that, I'm going to prove to you that your account at the Bank of Ass is overdrawn. All aboard.


(Hype roars to life over the speakers, and Kurtis plays to the crowd while the camera pans to the audience freaking out for Kurtis and a sea of signs and t-shirts out in support of the former champion. The feed cuts to a WWX logo.)

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