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On Tue, Jun12, 2012 3:42am America/Phoenix
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[We see Emily Waters, sitting on a couch in her home healing her wounds. The darkness outside the windows shows that it's night. She is wearing a white angel-like sleeveless dress. Suddenly, the lights start dimming slowly, but she doesn't seem to notice. After a while, the lights are completely turned off. A dim light shines in her back]

???: You alright, Emily?

Emily: Yes. A bit sore from that beating, but I've had worse.

???: Good to hear that. Now please look behind you.

Emily: ...Okay...

[Emily turns around]

Emily: [SCREAMS]

[Behind her is her television, and on it is the by now regular figure in the Capuchini Bone Chapel in Rome. He is standing, his hands folded on a stick that reaches up to the middle of his thigh]

???: Missed me?

Emily: What do you want?!

???: Nothing... Yet.

Emily: Then why have you come to bother me?

???: I am not here to bother you. I am here to send a message.

Emily: Wait a minute... You're not that raven guy.

???: Why? Because I don't speak in some medieval way? That's a choice, Emily. It seems like I didn't get my point across the last time. I figured that talking this way might get it across this time.

Emily: Fate's Warning cannot be stopped, no matter what way you talk.

???: Emily, Emily, Emily, Emily... Always jumping to the wrong conclusions. I don't want Fate's Warning to end... Yet.

Emily: Do you really think you can get away with all this? We are incredibly close to knowing who you are. We are researching you, watching your every move.

???: Like that's going to help. Emily, tell your... "Lord"... That he can try. He will never succeed. You will never find out who I am until I reveal myself.

Emily: What have we done that has made you angry with us?

???: Everything. You have made spirits possess some of the finest people here in the WWX.

Emily: That wasn't my ide-

???: SHUT UP!

[Emily is immediately silent, and has a shocked expression on her face]

???: I wasn't finished yet. You see, you, of all people in Fate's Warning, are the worst.

Emily: What have I done?

???: You betrayed your own husband. Waiting for him to die, only to betray everything he stood for.

[Emily gets emotional, but immediately regains her composure]

Emily: Don't mention him, please.

???: What's wrong? Do you still have some feelings fo-

Emily: Don't.

???: -r T-

Emily: I warned you.

???: -ann-

Emily: Last chance...

???: Tanno?

[Emily starts trembling, and suddenly grabs her sword before charging the Tv]

???: Corvi, tueri me!

[Suddenly, a swarm of ravens blocks Emily's path. Emily stops dead in her tracks]

???: I wouldn't do that if I were you. You will live to regret it.

Emily: And why is that?

???: You don't want to find out.

Emily: It's worth a try.

[Emily swats away the ravens in her way, and charges at the TV. One hit with the sword is enough to completely wreck it. The ravens fly away]

Emily: Thank god...

[Suddenly, thunder and lightning starts rolling outside. A light behind Emily signals that the radio has just been turned on]

???: I warned you Emily...


???: Accubare... Et quoniam dolore.


[Emily falls down to the floor, and crawls, clearly in pain. She coughs, and blood drips on the floor from her mouth. A gush of blood comes out of her nose. Her arms and legs start hemorrhaging, staining her white dress with blood stains]

Emily: Please... stop... AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

[A giant blood stain on the thigh of Emily's dress shows that stomach has started bleeding and her skin on there has started hemorrhaging]

???: I warned you... I know no mercy.

Emily: I'm... begging... you...

[Emily passes out]

???: Quod est satis.

[The wounds on Emily's body immediately heal, and there is no sign of what just passed except for the blood pool Emily is lying in. A raven lands on Emily's body, drops a note, caws a single time, and flies away again]

???: Tell your "Lord" to watch his back.

[The radio is turned off. Ambulance sirens are heard in the background. The garden door opens, and paramedics run in with a stretcher. They put Emily on it, strap her, and rush her towards the ambulance. The sirens take off]

[Fade to WWX logo]

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