Painful Sacrifice

Roleplay Roleplay by KORATH
On Fri, Oct27, 2017 10:11am America/Phoenix
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Painful Sacrifice
*Scene opens in a dark forest glade, the only light being that of a campfire to the left of the screen. In the firelight we see a small wooden altar and a large figure kneeling in front of it. As the camera draws closer the giant is revealed to be Korath, he is dressed in grey tunic and pants and his face is painted in a nordic style death mask (Think of a runic version of a dia de los muerto face paint). We can hear a soft chanting as the camera draws near, as it ends Korath lifts two large tankards and places one upon the altar. He then lifts a side of lamb and tears a piece off, placing the rest on the altar with the tankard before reaching for a brand from the fire and setting the whole thing alit. He bows his head for a moment then eats the meat and knocks back the full tankard in one go.

"May you find glory or peace wherever you reside." he says in a toast, just loud enough for the camera to pick up, then turns and faces the camera crew.

"I have decided from here to Hall of Pain all of my promos will have a similar theme, something to do with the various holidays at this time of year, what I am doing here is the main ritual of Alfablót, or sacrifice to the elves. It is similar to The Day of the Dead celebrated in Mexico, however we simply offer up goods we would enjoy in the cold of winter, beer and meat.The paint I'm wearing isn't necessary but I like it. Now on to business."

Korath refills the tankard from a nearby barrel and takes a long drink, the skull paint on his face forming into a grimace as though tasting something bad.

"Syndicate, I caught your promo the other day. Good work is what I would like to say but you made a few mistakes in your assessment of me. I am a multi title champion, I won the TV title within weeks of joining the wwx, and I held the AAA title on multiple occasions, one of my defenses you should remember since you were part of the match, though I guess the concussion I gave you when I slammed you're head through my car door might have affected your memory. I am glad however to see that you have finally learned to respect those who taught you. Speaking of that..."

Korath pauses long enough to finish his drink and slam the tankard onto the barrel.

"Tell me boy, what lesson do you plan to teach me? One of pain? I have learned every lesson more experienced and dangerous men could teach me so what more can you offer? Maybe you are going to teach me about skill, if that is the case then you need to forget about being a comedian because that joke is horrible. What can a man who has never defeated me teach me about skill? I am anxious to find out just how much you have improved, to see if you are still a pup or a full grown wolf. Don't disappoint me Syndicate."

Korath's expression changes to one of annoyance. When he continues there is nothing but venom in his voice.

"While I commend you for having initiative I am growing angrier at the increasing silence of out other opponents. Darkness you continue to hide in the shadows and you can stay there for all I care, you will not leave the House of Horrors as champion if I have to give the ultimate sacrifice and kill myself in order to make sure it happens. Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister, if there was a working brain cell between the two of you you would have kept your greedy asses out of this match, for now you face the most dangerous man in the WWX, you are trapped in this match with The Nordic Nightmare, and you will make the most painful sacrifice for nothing for I will be leaving Hall of Pain as champion!"

Korath turns and returns to the fire and the shrine, where he crossed his arms and watches the offerings burn. the scene begins to fade while he stands there, the Nordic Nightmare logo soon appearing and a message soon after that.

"I will sacrifice you all..."

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