Passion in the face of adversity

Roleplay Roleplay by KAILEE
On Wed, Jun21, 2017 6:07pm America/Phoenix
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Passion in the face of adversity
[camera comes to life in a small  apartment in London. Kailee is looking out of the window into the distance and it's clear that she has been crying.]

Kailee: so we are in London, I should be happy right, I'm not. I spent today talking to people that lived in Grenfell Tower, I went for a
walk across London Bridge. So much has happened in these last few weeks.

[Kailee walks away from the Window and over to the desk where a bottle of water sits and take a sip.]

That's why when I go out in match  against Sgt. Dixie Clements it will be with the Union Jack flying.... Sgt. Dixie, I'm sorry to say that Your not going to win that match easy, I'm going to give you the best I can, and when I win, it won't be my win, it will be for those victims of the Terror Attucks in London and Matchester, for those who perished in Grenfell Tower.

[Fades to black as Kailee sits in the chair and turn on the TV to Sky News]

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