Path of Krimson

Roleplay Roleplay by KORATH
On Tue, Jan09, 2018 5:44pm America/Phoenix
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Path of Krimson
*Feed begins with a video showing the aftermath of the House of Horrors match, the basement is being drained and as light enters the room we see the still body of Korath floating facedown in the water. A paramedic team rushes in as soon as they are able and this scene fades to black as they attempt to revive him.

*The video feed begins again this time showing Korath in an ICU ward, so many tubes and monitors hooked up to him that its hard to tell where the machines end and he begins in some places. His doctor is nearby telling the WWX universe that he his lucky to be alive, that Korath had drowned and his body grown cold. But somehow he returned when the life saving crew were working on him. The camera pans over to the unconscious form of Korath while the doctor talks, a wall mounted tv nearby is tuned in to Ravage, "Bulls on Parade" begins playing, and upon hearing this, The Nordic Nightmare's eyes snap open, scene fading out as they do so.

"Not even death will keep me from my goal."

 *Scene opens in a snow covered forest under a full moon, the light shining down illuminates the area, showing the many trees and stones. After a moment a large figure appears, heading towards the camera crew, when he arrives we see that it is the newly arisen Nordic Nightmare. He's dressed for the weather in an outfit that looks to be made from a very large bear, the creatures head sitting atop his own as a sort of hood. As he looks into the camera, we can see that his left eye has gone dark, the sclera turned black and his pupil now almost glows an icy shade of blue. When he speaks, his voice has a rasp to it, as though his throat is damaged.

"You are probably wondering where I have been and why my eye is different, and I will tell in due time. I slept for several weeks after the House of Horrors, after Syndicate kicked me into the flooding basement and Tommy Lipton tied me to the shelves, leaving me to die. Guess what boys? You succeeded, you killed Korath. I fell into the void, fell to Niflheim, where I was given the chance that only happens once. I fought one of Hel's draugr and managed to escape back to my mortal body, but not without cost. I was branded, and though my eye still functions I will always carry the reminder that I died and was given another chance.

"While I was recovering in the hospital, I overheard the doctors say that I suffered a bit of brain damage due to lack of oxygen and that is why I was unable to wake up for so long. While I was there I contemplated how I would return, would I stalk and hunt the ones who caused my pain? Most definitely. Would I be the instrument of their downfall? No, their egos would be more than enough to do that without me helping, as Holiday Hell proved. Now my fun starts, Syndicate and Tommy Lipton are going to experience the sheer brutality that only a barbaric Northman can deliver. But before I can get to that there is the matter of Krimson Blaze and the Crusader Cup."

Korath pauses for a moment, staring up into the full moon. He smiles, slowly showing more and more teeth until a feral grin is plastered on his face. His eyes shift back to the camera, a familiar battle hungry look appearing that we all know well.

"I have returned at a most opportune time, The Crusaders Cup has returned, and with it my chance to once again gain number one contendership to the Undisputed Heavyweight title. I also get the chance to remove a legendary flyer from the tournament, Krimson Blaze. They call you the Aerial Specialist do they not? Capable of many feats of supreme agility be it from the ground, turnbuckle, or simply diving like a madman over the ropes to take down your opponent. For putting yourself on the line to entertain your fans and to get the victory you know that should be yours, you have my respect. However that will do nothing to prevent me from breaking you against the ring time and time again to gain what I want.

"To gain victory I once again walk the path of the savage, I once again walk as an arena champion, a killer whose only thought is of the next match in the pit. I have learned that many paths are ahead. Many paths that I must walk to gain that which I so desperately seek. I know, that no matter what path I walk, the revenge driven madman, the gold craving warrior, the pit fighter that lives on the roar of the crowd, I know that they all lead to the same destination. They lead to Korath, the Nordic Nightmare, crushing those who wronged him, standing as the undisputed champion of the WWX, and finally gaining the glory I so crave. I tell you now Krimson Blaze, you stand to face a man who leaves his opponents forever remembering the pain and suffering they have endured under my fists. And when I return to the ring this Ravage, I will walk out upon a path stained Krimson, for I will not stop until I have what I am after. Enter the ring Saturday, and become my next victim."

Korath snaps his head forward, cause the bear hood to shoot forward like the great beast was attacking, this causes the camera man to fall backwards. As the video steadies on Korath, he begins laughing wickedly before throwing back his arms and roaring a challenges to the heavens. He looks back to the camera and the look he gives, with his feral grin and now mismatched eyes, promises much violence in the future. The scene fades to the Nordic Nightmare logo soon after.

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