Pelican Food

Roleplay Roleplay by BLADE RICKMAN
On Tue, Jul10, 2018 12:38pm America/Phoenix
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Pelican Food
{{It is around 5 AM, as the sun is rising, casting a glow over the harbor front of Tarpon Springs, the pelicans are populating the docks squacking. They all fly off as a man dressed in a Nike Tank and shorts, with an iPod strapped to his arm and LG wireless headphones in his ear jogs across the dock. He stops, leans against the docks railing, sweat dripping from the tips of his dark brown hair down his neck... He raises his hands and removes the budds from his ears. He turns around and standing 6 feet 3 inches, we see Blade Rickman.}}

Blade: Birds are magnificent, such beautifully at peace as they soar through the air. Much how I feel when I am up there flying my F-18. But the Pelicans, they are not all beautiful, you see, they are the Sarlicc Pit of the bird kingdom, they swallow their food whole and the acids in the stomach do the rest. It is not a quick defeat for their prey, oh no, oh no... it is long and torturous... 

{{Blade takes a towel from his back pocket and wipes his forehead and the back of his neck.}}

Blade: If I was ever to be compared to a bird, the Pelican would be that bird. Sh*t just ask Syndicate... I waited, I didn't make it fast, I took my time as he was shredded apart by the ladders, the tables, the chairs... it wasn't at all quick. For 40 minutes he went through hell and then finally his death came as I took him out of the sky and dropped him like a bad habit! 

{{Blade grins}}

Blade: Xavier Pendragon, my opponent this week may think that he is a former world champion who I should be intimidated to face off against... In my debuting match in the WWX he .ay think this is going to be all about taking a rookie to school... He may think that with the support of Beatrice that he is unstoppable... 

{{In an announcing voice}}

Blade: The former Undisputed Champion, a four time International Champion, a Race for the Case winner, a tag champion...

{{Blade spits off to the side... he smirks}}

Blade: All these achievements along with personal support may make him feel he is so far above this guy.... 

{{Blade taps his thumb against his chest}}

Blade: This Rookie... 

{{He shakes his head}}

Blade: Let me tell you exactly who I am, I'm a brawler, a wrestler, a bad ass... I am the man who just dropped a former six time champion like the bag of garbage he is...

{{His face is firm and serious}}

Blade: and I will not hesitate to do the same to, Xavier Pendragon... 

{{Blade looks out over the water and at the Pelicans in the distance now... His back towards the camera}}

Blade: I'm not going to make it quick... I am going to swallow you whole and make you feel the pain before I conquer you and pin you for the one... two.... three.... You are a problem, I am the Solution... and in the words of one of the greatest of all time and a hell of a great mentor... I Am Coming! 

{{Blade puts the speaker budds back into his ears and jogs off...}}


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