Pendragon and Jester...

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Tue, Sep26, 2017 11:42pm America/Phoenix
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Pendragon and Jester...
(The WWX promo for the upcoming Fury card plays on the arena’s screens. It is seen that Bob ‘The Beast’ Mellon makes his singles match debut on the next Fury. The crowd shows its excitement with deafening screams.)

TV Announcer: There you have it, folks. Next Fury, Bob ‘The Beast’ Mellon makes his in-ring return to the WWX. The former IWA World Champion will face the former WWX International Champion ‘The Machine’ Xavier Pendragon. As we know, World Series was the return of ‘The Beast’ back on WWX television. Unfortunately, it did not go to plan as Mellon was quickly teamed up against and eliminated from the competition. However, with that behind him will we see a more lethal Mellon or perhaps the WWX legend has seen his best days as an in-ring competitor pass on by. Only time will tell. 

(Suddenly “Guerrilla Radio” hits the PA system. Blue and white lights fill the arena. A huge explosion of fireworks come from the floor of the entrance ramp. Standing at the top of the aisle is Bob Mellon)

TV Announcer: Speak of the devil. The one, the only, Bob ‘The Beast’ Mellon!!! This is unbelievable. We have nothing telling us he would be making an appearance tonight. After Sunday’s loss, most of us would have assumed he would have taken some time off. However, here he is!

(Mellon begins the slow walk down the aisle pointing to each side of the arena and getting huge responses from the nostalgic crowd) 

TV Announcer: As you look around this arena you see so many WWX fans that remember fondly the days of the past. ‘The Beast’ returns and here are all of his fans, old and new, welcoming him back with open arms. It is truly a spectacle!

(Mellon enters the ring through the middle rope. Wearing a t-shirt that says in bold letters “The Brooklyn Beast” and in his traditional blue and white trunks, blue knee pads and blue and white jagged lined boots. Mellon signals for a microphone)

TV Announcer: The moment is upon us. Let’s hear what Mellon has to say…

(The crowd chants, Mellon, Mellon, Mellon…)

Mellon: How does one begin with a welcome like that! It is good to be home! 

(Pandemonium ensues as the crowd continues its raucous behavior)

Mellon: The truth is all of this legend talk and the reminding me of the past has really just begun to prove to me that none of it matters at all. 

(The crowd is dulled a bit by Mellon’s tone)

Mellon: I am not one to parade around on past glories and successes. Fifteen years ago things were very different. This place was very different. There was a great respect amongst myself and my opponents. When you looked a man in the eyes and challenged them to a one on one fight, you got an answer. Suddenly I look around and everything is based on some ranking system. We took part in a tournament of non-sense this past weekend to decide some winner that proved little more than the now dated ‘Survivor Series.’ 
I appreciate the love and the support. I appreciate the fact that this company has gone out of its way to make me a legend and celebrate my past but from now on I don’t care and neither should you. I am here for one reason and one reason only and that is to wrestle. I don’t need a strap. I don’t need a title. I don’t need history. I’ve got two fists and years of pent-up aggression to go on now and let me tell you… people are going to pay.

(The crowd slowly regains its excitement after a sobering address of reality)

Mellon: When I put a challenge out on the table I expect it to be answered. However, some people have other things on their minds. The idea of capturing some title, prestige, or what they think is honor is what’s important now. Let me tell you, no one object can deliver honor and prestige. Honor and prestige much like respect are earned. World Series taught me a valuable lesson. Times have changed. So I stand out here, once again, ready to lay it on the line. Jester, if you hear me… If you have the ability to man up and notice something outside of your empty desire to be more than a half-wit, moron, with little success to back your words with, you will accept my challenge and meet me in the squared circle. 
You see, you’ve already flirted with disaster by ignoring my original challenge. Dangerous game to play. Now you’ve opened up a whole new can of worms and frankly, there is no way back. I plan on hunting you down as I’ve described before. I plan on haunting your every move. I plan to be looking for you at every turn and making you notice me and your inevitable demise. 
It just so happens that you have a very important match on Fury. It would be a shame if someone got in the way of that. If someone happened to overstep their boundaries and stick it to you. If someone happened to show you the same level of respect that you showed them. That International Title must mean something big to you. I’m sure you’ve earned it through all your hard work. I’d wager nothing would make you happier than finally having that belt around your waist so mommy and daddy can see how pretty you look. 
If I were you, Jester, I’d watch your back. Sleep with one eye open… You never know when the beast might strike. You never know when your time is up… And you never know when this life ends and an eternity of suffering will begin. 

(The crowd suddenly begins to hush more as Mellon begins to get cryptic and dark in his description)

TV Announcer: I am somewhat at a loss… This doesn’t sound like Mellon at all. I worry that this may be a man on a different mission than what we’ve seen in the past. 

Mellon: Luckily for you, I have my hands full this week. Xavier Pendragon stands in my way. An honorable foe but one that will suffer a fate that you too will soon experience. ‘The Machine’ has quite the resume. Four times he won the International Championship. Three times he took home the Television Championship. I mean come on, the man has five Tag Team title reigns under his belt and let us not forget an Xtreme title victory as well. However, to be honest, I could give a damn about this match with Pendragon. My eyes are set on your annihilation and possible humiliation, Jester. 
I think the world will see on Fury how serious I plan to be and how serious my rage is. Pendragon won’t see the steamroll that is ‘The Beast’ tear through his heart and mind like a savage, hungry, animal. You see when you pit a machine up against a beast you may begin to think that the machine would have the upper hand. It is made of specific parts and technology to do things men can't-do. To accomplish tasks that men alone cannot accomplish. However, as you will see, Jester, what a machine lacks is the ability to think on its own. A beast is cerebral. A beast is timely and focused on its attacking points. Program that machine any way you like, but the slow picking, tormenting, and inevitable destruction are all quite methodical. Pendragon won’t even know what hit him… won’t even know the devastation that has destroyed him until it is too late.

(the crowd seems to be in awe of Mellon. A different Mellon. A Mellon far removed from years past)
TV Announcer: I feel an eerie chill up my spine… That is no longer a wrestler speaking… Something has snapped in Bob. 

Mellon: All of it is just an exhibition of course. I suggest you take notes. Xavier is in trouble. I can taste the blood before ever sinking my teeth into the flesh. It is only a matter of time and when that time passes, and ‘The Machine’ is dismantled, I will be coming for you, Jester. ‘The Beast’ throughout history has been a tormented subject. Some may relate it to pagan gods. Current religion puts the beast in hell. A form of Satan or a demon. Forever feeding off the torment and destruction of mortal beings. Who knows what I am? Who knows what I might do? Who knows how I might hurt you in ways you would or could never dream. Pity that it has to all begin with Xavier. Pity someone so talented must be swallowed up by the rage of ‘The Beast’. 
	Pendragon, My respect for you, unfortunately, is overshadowed by my necessity to make you suffer a terrible fate. Don’t be too alarmed… all things have been set into motion long before we ever set foot on this planet. It just so happens you’re the one chosen to face your end now. As I’ve said before, and I will say again, when you mess with the best, you die like the rest. Jester, I hope you take a front row seat and pay close attention… This is going to be quite the show… 

(Mellon chuckles and drops the mic. Guerrilla Radio hits the PA)

TV Announcer: That is a man who is dangerous right now. This can’t be good for Xavier and certainly brings up some questions about Jester. What could be going through that mind? There is definitely a screw loose at this moment in Mellon’s head… We’ll be back after this.

(Screen fades to black as Mellon exits behind the curtains…)

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