Penny Dreadful

Roleplay Roleplay by DAMIAN PRICE
On Wed, Nov15, 2017 4:17am America/Phoenix
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Penny Dreadful
[The camera opens onto the outside of the Price Family Gym in Atlanta, Georgia. The camera crew is trailing Kagome Rose, WWX Broadcast Journalist. Rose seems to be checking an appointment on her phone, she turns to the camera crew.]

Rose: He said 12, right? I'm a little early, so I hope everything's ok.

[Rose continues walking up to the front door. She takes a deep breath before opening the door and having the camera crew follow her in. She stops a few steps in as a young, tan women with flowing black hair bearing a pink streak running through it looks up. She sets down the magazine she was perusing as Kagome enters, a smile on her face.]

???: Hello! How may I help you? Are you another of Damian's floozies?

[Kagome seems surprised by the question. Before she can even formulate an answer, the woman continues speaking.]

???: Well, I'm sorry but you'll have to wait. Damian is training for his main event match on Wreckage, but you can have a seat and wait if you'd like. Why do you have a camera crew with you? You into some weird sh*t?

[This unnamed woman continues berating Kagome for a few moments as Rose attempts to maintain a semblance of professionalism. As the woman takes a breath, Kagome lifts her microphone to respond, only to be cut off by a chuckle from off camera. The camera pans up to reveal Damian Price, in a full sweat from his training.]

Price: Jeez, Penny. Give Kagome here a break. I called her for an interview, she works for WWX. I didn't know I hired such an attack dog.

[He moves the hand that he had placed on Penny's shoulder to point over at a small, comfortable looking waiting area.]

Price: Don't mind her, I'll fill you in later. You guys can have a seat over there if you want. I know I said noon, my sparring session went a little long. Let me hop in the shower and I'll be right over, ok?

[Kagome nods before giving a steely eyed glance over to the woman who had attempted to railroad her, only to discover that Penny has already returned to her magazine, ignoring the camera crew. We fade out to a shot seemingly 10-15 minutes later as Price walks out from a locker room off camera. He is wearing a white WWX shirt and white shorts, with a black towel thrown around his shoulders. He has a large smile on his face and seems ready to get down to business. He sits opposite of Kagome and nods to her as she motions to the camera crew.]

Rose: Hello, WWX Universe. My name is Kagome Rose, and I'm here in Atlanta to interview one half of the Wreckage main event this week, Damian Price. Damian, thank you for joining us today.

Price: No problem, Kagome. Thank you for driving out to my gym here in Atlanta.

Rose: It's got to be nice to always have a place you can go train. Speaking of which, any insights into what Damian Price is doing differently in his training for the WWX Television Champion, Fozzy Osbourne?

Price[chuckling]: Haha, that's a good segue there, Kagome. Before we get into the heavy stuff, I'd like to take a moment to talk to my fans, is that ok?

Rose: Of course,

[Rose motions to the camera, lowering the microphone. Damian nods in thanks, looking right into the camera as he begins to speak.]

Price: To my fans, I would like to issue an early apology. At Wreckage, you are not going to be treated to the traditional Damian Price 5 star instant classic. I will not be out there putting on a technical clinic like I normally do. Instead, what you will watch is the violent, physical domination of a washed up never-has-been who calls himself the WWX Television Champion. At Wreckage, Fozzy Osbourne will learn what happens when he stops leaving his hopes and dreams in a napkin within whatever Community Rec Center's green room he came from. He will face, in his first main event within WWX, the hardest slap of reality of his entire life. So I would like to apologize to the people that were expecting something exciting; it's not gonna happen. You were asking, Kagome?

[Kagome is sitting there, almost shocked at the resounding confidence in Price's voice. She slowly lifts the microphone to her mouth.]

Rose: Well Damian, I know you're a busy man, so I guess I've only got one question for you right now. Do you have any words for your opponent at Wreckage, the current reigning WWX Television Champion, Fozzy Osbourne?

[A smile spreads across Damian's face as he looks at the camera.]

Price: As a matter of fact, I do. Fozzy, at Wreckage, you seem to think that having fought a cougar is going to make a difference. You brag about your past, including claiming to have been in main events before, while in the same breath saying you don't care about my past accomplishments. You're so wrapped up in your own drug fueled circle jerk that you can't seem to understand the words you're saying. I mean, I don't even have to come up with a response, or make any effort to go looking, you just leave the idiocy right out there on display. So Fozzy, you claim to not care about my past, so let's talk about our own mutual future. In the next week, on Wreckage, you are going to be beaten, dominated, and victimized by the King of Professional Wrestling. Then, after I'm done with you, and I've left you with just enough life left in you to limp on, I'm going to do the same thing at Ravage. The only difference is that there, I will walk out with the TV Title. And Wreckage will have a champion it can actually be proud of.

[Rose can't help but smile at the passion in Damian's voice as he speaks. Price nods, smiling at her before he continues.]

Price: Starting at Ravage, Wreckage will be celebrating having true royalty at its helm. Thank you, Kagome. I'll see you later for the Ravage interview, right?

Rose: Of course. It's been a pleasure.

[The black and pink haired woman can be seen in the background, rolling her eyes in Kagome's direction as Rose and Price share a handshake. She checks her phone and begins to talk as the camera fades out.]

Penny: Whenever you're done flirting over there, we've got meetings to get to. Get yourself dressed!

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