Perfect for Pure Darkness

Roleplay Roleplay by BISHOP POLARIS
On Tue, Jun06, 2017 1:59am America/Phoenix
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Perfect for Pure Darkness
[The camera opens to an odd reversal of roles. The scene is set inside the Parish of Polaris facing the east doors. Tom Black is sat, uncharacteristically calm in the front pew, while Bishop Polaris is pacing back and forth anxiously.]

Black “I don’t understand what’s got you so upset, it’s not like they’re any worse than the last guys.”

Polaris(yelling and argumentative) “NOT ANY WORSE THAN! How can you even say that! 420 are real low lives but they don’t host business meetings in strip clubs! These three goons are the absolute bane to my existence!  Which is exactly what makes them perfect targets, frustrating, but perfect.”

Black “Question for you, do they have heads?”

Polaris “What? Yes of course they do!”

Black “Okay, so I can slam their heads into the mat and splatter their brains all over the ring, that makes them the perfect opponent.”

Polaris “You are… a sick… sick violent man. I like the initiative though, you aren’t picky with who you mash. Me on the other hand. Oh boy these three really have me licking my chops. An exciting new stable of three degenerates. Everybody has their eyes on the Blade Club, so this Sunday when everyone is watching them, it’ll be a real shock to the system when Pure Darkness claims victory! Robbing these hooligans of their momentum will allow us to get back on the forefront of WWX TV and help us spread our ultimate message of purifying this sick society.”

[Polaris realizes he has ran off on a tangent and looks back at Black who is leaned back in his chair picking at his teeth with a picket knife, staring at the ceiling completely tuned out. Polaris lightly kicks him in the leg. Black looks back at Polaris realizing he lost track of his rant.]

Black “I’m not gonna listen to every single one of your rants. You bust out on rants as often as I beat the holy hell out of cameramen… that’s a lot.”

[Polaris’ stare at Black intensifies.]

Black “Okay fine, rant on.”

Polaris “Blade Club can jump opponents in masks all they want, but the human demolition machine that is Tom Black isn’t going to sit back and take it! He will toss whatever third teammate lurks around the ring, should they try to intervene. Then with my strategical guidance he will dissect the remained of the Blade Club.”

Black “You know I always thought the Bullet Club operated out of Japan.”

Polaris(sighs) “Someday you will pay attention to things, rather than smashing things.

I digress.

Whatever two members they try to throw at us we have a perfect counter combo! Zion’s wit seems to be his edge, but he isn’t half the strategist I am. His war plans will fall flat next to mine. Justice a strong man he may be, but he lacks that certain… (Bishop looks at Black as he admires his knife, satisfied with it’s sharpness and killing potential)… serial killer mentality. 

Then the ring leader. Blayde Archer.

He seems to be that fine mix of athlete and lunatic. He will be the hardest to contain, but if anybody in the world thinks he is going to be enough to overcome the WWX’s baddest big man and the Patron Saint of Pureness, they’d have to be as crazy as… well Tom Black.”

[Tom Black begins to get hyped up. Ever since Polaris labeled him with a “serial killer mentality” he has been growing more and more excited.]

Black “Serial Killer I liked that”
Polaris “Oh No! No my misguided friend it was only a comparison!”
Black “Now you’ve got me excited! Blade Club you had best believe that the Dark One is ready to smash your domes in. I’ve grown tired of waiting, I want to fight and I want to fight now!”

[Black, in his signature raging fashion storms out of the Parish, blasting open the doors as he speeds through them. As the the doors shut behind him he can be seen picking up and axe and heading out towards the woods.]

Polaris “Blade Club, look what you’ve done. You’ve upset The Dark One, and when you upset the Dark One, the Light One utilizes that anger and unhuman strength. You’ve got a lot of pain coming, for your sake I hope you’ve spent sometime drinking milk and focusing on your work out regiments instead of drinking poison and wasting away in the morale devoid zone that is a ‘Gentleman’s Club’”

[Polaris, in a somewhat worried fashion heads out the door to chase down Black before he actually kills somebody.]

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