Perfect Game

Roleplay Roleplay by JESTER
On Thu, Oct19, 2017 11:08am America/Phoenix
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Perfect Game
Our scene opens with a nighttime aerial view of Fenway park.  The lights are illuminating the field but the park is empty except for a small figure in the center of field.  The camera shot cuts to inside the park where we see Jester standing on the pitchers mound.  

He’s dressed in a grey WWC baseball jersey with the number 13 on the back and IC Champ above the number where a name would normally be.  The jersey is paired with grey baseball pants, dark grey socks, white cleats with three grey strips running vertically down the sides and a light grey baseball glove with the word Jester running down the right edge on his left hand.  

Beside the mound is a white bucket filled with brand new glistening white baseballs, his International belt folded neatly and propped up against it.  There is a wooden cutout of Bob Mellon standing in the right hand batters box.  Jester picks up one of the baseballs and fires it down the middle of the plate.  You can hear the ‘thud’ of the ball hitting the backstop.  He begins to speak, without looking at the camera, to no one in particular.

Jester - “Did I ever tell you guys that I use to be a baseball pitcher back in my high school days?  I was pretty good too.”

Jester chunks another fastball across the plate.  (thud)

Jester - “I was even drafted by the Angels right out of school, but I chose to take a different path.  So you may be wondering, why is he telling us this?”

Jester spins a nasty curveball that starts out headed for the shoulder of the cutout Bob before making a sharp turn to the left and back over the plate.

Jester - “It’s because pitching and wrestling share a lot in common.”

Jester finally turns to address the camera.

Jester - “They both require talent, training, discipline, and dedication.  But most importantly, just like wrestling, pitching is at least fifty percent psychological.  You have to learn how to get inside a hitters head.  Figure out which zones he likes the ball in and which ones he doesn’t.  Make him believe you’re going to throw him a slider when you’re really going to throw a fastball.  Honestly, most of the batters I faced had already gotten themselves out before they ever stepped to the plate.”

Jester throws another fastball on the inside part of the plate, mere inches from cutout Bob's elbow.

Jester - “Wrestling is no different.  Make your opponent think you’re going to attack them one way and then do something different.  I have a cornucopia of different styles at my disposal, and that’s not by accident.  It comes from years of training and honing my skills in some very unconventional ways.”

Jester picks up another baseball and places it in his glove without throwing it.

Jester - “And that’s not even taking into account the pre-match psychological warfare.  Where I explain to you that you have no chance of beating me.  Where I lay out all the reasons why I’m going to destroy you in the ring.  In fact, if you do it just right, sometimes your opponent doesn’t even bother to respond.  But that’s not going to happen to you Bob.  You’re a veteran and a former champion.  You’ve heard it all before.  I could never get inside your head, right Bob?  Except, you’ve already done most of the work for me.  Sitting at home on your couch feeling sorry for yourself.  Wondering if after fifteen years the WWX has evolved passed you.  Questioning whether or not you’ve still got it.  Even your wife thinks your comeback was a mistake.  And don't get me wrong Bob, I’m glad you have a loving wife to go home to after I make an example of you on Fury.  Maybe this time you’ll listen to her and give up this misguided dream of yours.  Or at the very least, start at the bottom and work your way back up to the elite level.  I do have respect for you Bob.  Things didn’t have to go this way.  But you started this Bob, and on Friday night in Boston....”

Jester takes the baseball from his glove and throws a perfect fastball at the head of the Bob cutout, shattering it into a hundred small splinters of wood.

Jester - “....I’m going to finish it.”

Cut to black.

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