Pete and Repeat

Roleplay Roleplay by GARY TINORDI
On Tue, May09, 2017 7:18pm America/Phoenix
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Pete and Repeat
(Scene opens in the living room of the 420 residence.  The camera enters the room and shows a very large black leather sectional couch that wraps around the corner.  A large bay window faces out to the woods.  There is a large flat screen TV that takes up a chunk of the south wall.  A smaller, grey, fluffy sectional is in the opposite corner.  It is there that we find Tinordi and Glazebrook seated on opposite sides of the couch.  Glazebrook is wearing a black Pittsburgh Penguins jersey, featuring the name Crosby and the #87.  Hes also wearing a pair of khaki cargo shorts.  Tinordi is sporting a black Pink Floyd shirt, a pair of black track pants, and a grey floppy hat with the Denver Broncos logo on the front.  There is a small coffee table in front of the couch that they sit on, which has a few empty beer bottles on it and a large glass bong.)

Glazebrook - Whaddup, Cameraman?

Cameraman - Hey guys!

Tinordi - Hey, how's it going?

Cameraman - Pretty good.

Tinordi - Well, I have to hand it to the WWXecutives for a couple of things.  One, they really like the state of Florida, since we've been scheduled to wrestle there a few times recently.  And two, they were pretty quick about giving 420 a shot at those tag team belts.  This Sunday, as a matter of fact, on Mayhem.  

Glazebrook - That's right, G.  Florida definitely knows what time it is.  And now, we get to show the whole world what they already know...  Who is the greatest tag team in the WWX?

Tinordi - Now, about this team that will remain nameless, because... well, they don't have a name.  But they are doing a great job of keeping our belts warm right now... Wreckx-n-Effect and the Lipton man...

Glazebrook - Woah... is that like the Kool Aid man, except with Iced Tea?

Tinordi - I guess so.

Glazebrook - And those dude who let the dogs out.

Tinordi - Uh... maybe... no, wait... That's not them.

Glazebrook - What?

Tinordi - Yeah, dude... it's like, some other one hit wonder from the 90s.  They did... Let me see you shake your rump like a rump shaker.

Glazebrook - Oh yeah!  All I wanna do is zoom-a zoom zoom zoom zoom and a boom boom.

Tinordi - Yeah, dude.

Glazebrook - Those lyrics are deep, man.

Tinordi - Yeah, dude... so now you see the resemblance.  

Glazebrook - Oh yeah!

Tinordi - So, Rexy is up in front of people, spouting off God knows what, talking this about how they have this awesome ability to take something bad and turn it around into something good.

Glazebrook - Great!  Then, we won't have to listen to them whine about not being the Tag Team Champions anymore after Mayhem!

Tinordi - Yeah, dude.  It's funny, though.  Because you talk about this like it is some sort of super power, but in reality, all you are doing is simply getting over it.

Glazebrook - Which is a great ability to have when you are facing the likes of these two men, sculpted by the hands of God himself and handed down to humanity in the earthly forms of Matt Glazebrook and Gary Tinordi.

Tinordi - You are correct, sir.  

Glazebrook - You know, there was something else he said that made me think.  He's all like, "One of the best ways to influence someone is to make them feel important."  I'm afraid I'm going to have to disagree with that statement, Rexy.  You see, one thing that has always worked for me when I want to influence someone is for me to stick this here size 16 boot right up into a very uncomfortable place...

Tinordi - What... like the back of a Volkswagon?

Glazebrook - Something like that.  You would be amazed at how influencing it can be to make somebody walk around with 3 shoes.

Tinordi - Yeah, dude... 2 on their feet and one in they ass!

Glazebrook - As a matter of fact, it worked the last time we had an opponent who had the Tag Team Titles and we wanted to influence them to hand them over.

Tinordi - And since you guys are quite the history buffs, you will know the age old saying that "History repeats itself".

Glazebrook - What did you say?

Tinordi - I said that history repeats itself.

Glazebrook - I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you.  What was that?

Tinordi - I SAID THAT...  wait a minute...  Oh yeah!  Good one.

Glazebrook - Yeah, dude...

Tinordi - So, uh... what was I talking about?

Glazebrook - Something about history?

Tinordi -  Yeah, but what about history?

Glazebrook - That it... wait a minute... I'm not falling for that one.  

Tinordi - Damn!

Glazebrook - Yeah, dude... you gotta wake up pretty early in the afternoon to get one by on me.

Tinordi - Speaking of history... and repeating... (he grabs the bong from the table.)  I feel like it is about to repeat itself right now.

Glazebrook - And I guess it bears repeating what happens when you step into the ring with 420, we're gonna treat you like a roach and smoke ya!

(Tinordi exhales his bong hit into the camera until the entire shot is filled with smoke.  Fade to black.)

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