Phase two

Roleplay Roleplay by EZRA ZION
On Fri, Jul07, 2017 9:29pm America/Phoenix
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Phase two
Location: 1013 Morena BLVD, San Diego

Place: Grinder Gym

Time: ?

[Ezra Zion is on facebook live through a cell phone and if you can read the clock on the wall, you will see that it is 12:35. The Hebrew Hitman has been putting in work to get ready for a chance of a lifetime, an opportunity for the WWX Tag Team Titles and that is something to talk about, am I right? Zion leans forward and cuts a promo into the iPhone camera.]

There’s nothing like breaking bones…except for maybe breaking a few hearts. The Blade Club have done both since our arrival. The proof speaks for itself. The video evidence is there. We have been giving out beat downs and leaving bodies laying from London to Japan and everywhere in between. Blayde Archer could brag that he broke the most bones out of us all, but it’s all about the team effort and all that jazz. It might have taken a while longer than I would have liked, but finally we were able to get rid of some of the deadwood that would have ultimately been our downfall. Good luck to all the fools who are now going to try to bring us down… because now I have been granted the opportunity to win a tag team championship title shot for the Blade Club and now the Hebrew Hitman has to go through both Rex McAllister, a former world and Tag Team champion along with 420’s own tag team specialist, Gary Tinordi. A challenging task, no doubt but one that I am confident in accomplishing through any means.

We’re here in San Diego, California to do what the Blade Club does best and if you don’t know what that is by now? Pay close attention to what goes down on Mayhem. We are here to make an impact that will be remembered until the end of World Wrestling’s eXistence. 

 Anyway, there have been cameras following us ever since Mayhem went off air for some WWX Network special, so that puts the pressure on me to perform like only I can in that ring and prove to the wrestling world why I am a force to be reckoned with in ANY division. Single or tag team. The Blade Club consist of three of the most dangerous individual wrestling talents to ever grace a WWX ring that have made a pact and formed a powerful alliance for one common goal. Complete domination!

This triple threat is my time to shine. It’s time to prove what the Hebrew Hitman can do between those ropes and when that bell rings? Nobody will question my skill, talent or ability ever again because I know there are a few of you out there that don’t quite no what to think or make of me. Well, after Mayhem all your doubts will be removed when my arm is raised and The Blade Club gets our shot at phase two, the WWX tag team Championship Titles! I am not one to waste time on a bunch of HOK A CHAINIK, that is Yiddish for too much talk. I will let my actions speak for me inside the ring like only the Hebrew Hitman can and there will be nothing or no one who will stop me from walking out with complete victory. There is your sound byte boys. Because once Mayhem rolls through San Dawg?

[There’s a small pause in his rhythm.]

The Blade Club will steal the show once again and prove WHY we are the best thing going in wrestling today! Don't believe it? Just you watch and wait.. All I needed is that door of opportunity to crack open and now I am kicking it down. Tinordi, McAllister. Nothing Personal. This is business and I take my business EXTREMELY seriously. You've been warned...


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