Philosphical Bent (Fixed)

Roleplay Roleplay by KURTIS RAY
On Tue, May30, 2017 6:24am America/Phoenix
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Philosphical Bent (Fixed)
(Only various glimmers of light can be seen against cracking twigs and rustling leaves. Suddenly there's a barely audible click and the screen flares with a brilliant green, before revealing what appears to be a forest in the later part of the day. Other than the breathing of the cameraman and the various woodland sounds, it is silent.)

VOICE: It should be around here somewhere....

(The camera moves from left to right, before suddenly locking in on something in the distance, and with a barely-audible sound of relief, the so-far unseen cameraman jogs toward seemingly nothing. Finally he pushes through the trees into a clearing and the sagging, burned-out husk of what was obviously once a magnificent manor house. It has been long since abandoned, and there is little obvious indication that anyone has been near the rotting building in a number of years. The cameraman looks around again, before the camera focuses on a note stuck on the wall up by the surprisingly mostly-intact door. The cameraman slowly makes his way up the stairs, focusing on the note, which is attached to a elaborate velvet rope and says in block letters "RING BELL."

The cameraman hesitates for a moment to reach out to pull the rope, which seems to do exactly nothing, other than fall to the ground with a clatter.)

VOICE 2: You rang?

(The cameraman jumps and swings around to reveal Kurtis Ray standing behind him with a grin on his face. He shoves past the cameraman, chuckling, and starts to fiddle with the door.)

KURTIS: Place has seen better days, right? Ain't that true of everything? You. Me. The WWX in general. Some people call what we're going through right now a renaissance. I call it a particularly irritating death knell. There we go.

(With a protesting shriek, the door swings open, and Kurtis motions for the cameraman to follow him inside. They are greeted with a surprisingly-intact lobby of what appears to be a hospital of some sort.)

KURTIS: Look at this place. This used to be a state home for the mentally ill. And it wasn't a good one, either. You know those places that they use in horror movies, where the home is abandoned because a nurse died or something? This place is like that. Back in about ninety-six, in the middle of the night, this place burned. Everyone was killed, every patient, every nurse, even the groundskeeper. And the eerie part was, they say it was because of a lightning strike. It started raining, lightning struck the building, and as quick as that the storm was over.

(Kurtis strolls over to a table with some ancient pamphlets on top of it, picking one up and opening it. He regards it for a moment before crumpling it and throwing it away.)

KURTIS: A number of people assumed it was the fire that killed everyone. But with one of the lest damaged bodies, they were able to determine the cause of death was actually due to carbon monoxide poisoning, hours before the fire even started. Faulty furnace in the basement. Despite all of the sound and fury from the building catching fire, the deaths that happened here were because of something nobody expected.

(Kurtis walks over toward the reception desk, effortlessly lifting himself to set on top of it and producing a pack of smokes from his pocket, fishing one out and lighting it.)

KURTIS: That brings me to my next point. Someone thought it was cute to book me on Ravage in a match with Krimson Blaze. A man who I am loathe to admit has had a pretty great run in the WWX. A person who came right out and said I had no chance t=of beating him. Bonafide legend. Most dominant athlete in the WWX. Nobody compares. The code of silence has chosen me. Yadda yadda yadda pththpbt.

(Kurtis mimes shaking something and makes like it's spraying on the camera.)

KURTIS: I love how you think I'm supposed to be intimidated by you. I'm supposed to be scared of your "code of silence." I'm supposed to be worried because you're some kind of dominant force. You're too old for the WWX at 28? Man, I'm 34 and I'm at my prime in this place. I've been beating asses for more than a decade. You're not gonna bring anything I haven't seen. What makes you differnt from any of the other 'most dominant athletes' that have lined up and I've put in the mat? I've heard it all before here, with just about every quote-unquote 'legend' who I've bested. Willie Steen. Damian Price. Rayne. Xavier Pendragon. Syndicate. You're nothing to me, Blaze, beyond another name on a list of names that were not quite enough to stop Kurtis Ray.

(Kurtis grins again, but his eyes are angry. In the odd light, it looks almost manic.)

KURTIS: Rather I think it's presumptuous of you to assume you know anything about me. No man compares to you? Then I guess that means I'll have to prove otherwise, doesn't it? You're going to beat me from pillar to post? If you honestly think putting a beating on me is enough to 'vanquish' me then you have another thing coming, sunshine. They say a flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long. But that all goes out the window when someone extinguishes the flame. On Ravage, no matter how you want it to go, I assure  you of one thing, buddy. Your road back to the upper echelon stops cold at Kurtis Ray. If you are silence, I am oblvion. Let's just say as bad as you think you are, you are not prepared for me.

(Kurtis laughs again, though it is less humorous and more mocking. He slides off the desk, strolling toward the door and bumping his shoulder into the camera on his way past.)

KURTIS (offscreen): Dammit, Tripod! Watch it! That hurt....

(The camera zooms in on a clock, frozen at 6:02. The camera cuts off, immediately switching over to a WWX bumper.)

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