Phone interview

Roleplay Roleplay by JARVIS VALENTINE
On Fri, Jan19, 2018 10:58pm America/Phoenix
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Phone interview
Boss: Hey Jarvis, come in here quick.

Just passing the office of the Boss before suddenly stopping and backing up. He turns a little before entering the office. Boss gestures for him to sit. Jarvis smiles and sets before adjusting his weight.

Boss: I heard you got engaged on your trip.

Jarvis: Yes sir, it was a amazing time! 

Boss: Also heard you might end up moving to Italy too?

Jarvis: I don't know about that yet. I love Lincoln, and the Huskers. Be really hard to leave this place. 

Boss: Well that is good news I've a way. Would hate to lose you. But to the reason why i called you in here. I saw you have a match with a last named Hex Girl. And it may end up as a hardcore match if that is what you call in?

Jarvis: Yes sir, (Jarvis smiles) Listen, I know what you're thinking but you have no worries. Hex Girl will be able to hold her own. She is one bad ass when it comes to the ring. Not only that, but i just seen her latest video and you should be worried for me, not her. 

Jarvis smiles again and nods his head as to signal it will be fine.

Boss: I just don't know how people around town and in the state will feel about you wrestling a female.

Jarvis: You have no need to worry. I know you don't know much about the sport but woman do very well in the ring even against men. They may not be as strong as men, but they sure can outsmart us. And don't get me ring, I'm not saying they are weak by any means and some are stronger than men. And this last knows martial arts. That's more than I can say for myself.

The boss kinda perks up too a uncertain face. 

Boss: I had no idea. 

Jarvis: So no worries. Think the fans are going to love the match we put on. I'm really excited about this match. 
Think this will be the best match in my young WWX career. 

Boss: Well good luck Jarvis. I might try to catch this match if yours by what you say about it. 

Jarvis: Hope you do Boss. 

Jarvis stands up and shakes hands with Boss before turning around and walking out to the hallway. He takes a couple turns before reaching a door with his name on it. He opens the door and walks in before closing his door behind him. He goes over to the the window and opens the shades before walking behind his desk and taking a seat. He opens the laptop and wakes it up. The screen pops on just as his phone starts ringing. Jarvis reaches over to the phone.

Jarvis: Jarvis Valentine sports. How may I help you?

Mike Hart: Mike Hart here with WWX. We would like to get a phone interview from you if you have time.

Jarvis: Sure, not a problem.

Mike Hart: Great, we seen Hex Girl had some crazy weapons in a video earlier. What are your thoughts on them?

Jarvis: Well, I'll tell ya I'm not a big movie person so all those movies references mean a thing to me. Oh the other hand, the visual of the said weapons do trigger a little rise of my blood pressure. I myself have not been been in 
many hardcore matches. And to be honest i hope Mr. Ranger keeps it a normal match. 

Mike Hart: So are you backing out of the hardcore match stipulation?

Jarvis: Never said that at all. I am down for whatever match takes place. I'm also going to try to help put on the best match of the night. I was just saying that i don't know how ready i am to have welts, cuts, or even worse like broken bones. Nevertheless, I am ready to move on in this tournament. I'll do what it takes to when this match. 

Mike Hart: After winning the battle royal to become the number one contender to the television championship, has there been any talk to when the match will take place?

Jarvis: I'm not going to talk about any of that right now. I'm consecrated on my match with Hex Girl. I'm very excited to get my match the belt. And very excited to get to wrestle a man who has been here a long time and is the only five time TV Champ. 

Mike Hart: the way the bracket is made up, if you win this week and go in the best the winner of Bacon and Price, there is a chance you could face Steen in this tournament. Thoughts on that?

Jarvis: Again, taking this one match at a time. When the time is right for a title match I'm sure it will take place. Until then Mike, my focus is one hundred percent on Hex. 

Now I am currently at work, and i do have some things to do like get a couple words from Scott about a couple new recruits and Mike in the big win against Michigan. 

Mike Hart: Understand. Thanks for your time. 

Jarvis: It was a pleasure.

Jarvis hangs up the phone as the camera pans away. He starts back with his computer before the phone rings again before going to black.

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