Picking Trees

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Thu, Dec14, 2017 5:53pm America/Phoenix
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Picking Trees
{{The scene opens in a jungle filled with Christmas trees. Tommy Lipton is wearing his coat gloves and a scarf for extra warmth. Accompaning him is Blade Rickman. Blade is wearing his army jacket and some black gloves. The two are walking and talking as they check out the trees.}}

Rickman: Good show last night. 

Tommy: Thanks, William has been bothering me alot to do that, meh, finally he convinced me and it was a good show for the fans. 

Rickman: I think you have covered a lot of ground, Rex has best be prepared, you are clearly focused and determined. So hey, not the trees I usually look for Tommy.

Tommy: Well we have to get you a tree for your apartment. If anything just to add color and decor to the place. plus it tiss the season. 

Rickman: (bleep) don't go getting all Christmas spirit crazed on me.

Tommy: What are you talking about? Its Christmas man, a great time of year! Hey Blade, budd, you have been in a foul mood, what's the deal with you and this holiday? Or is it something else dude?

Rickman: I was humiliated by that Sargent the other day, shits just not sitting well with me. 

Tommy: Hey tough break, but look Blade, you are in a new city, you got a new pad which I hooked you up with so they *Tommy points towards the camera* know it's definetly nice and with your upcoming meeting with James Ranger good things are coming your way kid. 
And as for being humiliated, don't be, he called you out and you answered like a man. It's like Rex McAllister talking about humiliating me, it is impossible to do that because as long as I answer his challenge like a man, as long as I give it my best, my all, I have nothing to be a shamed of. So don't let it get under your skin.

Rickman: yeah man, I'll try and snap out of it. Speaking of upcoming good things, you have a chance to finally end Rex McAllister this week. 

Tommy: That's the plan... Oh how about this one? 

{{The two look at a small but flourishing green pine tree.}}

Rickman: Yeah it's nice but I rather that one. 

{{Blade points to a tree that is almost bare and on the verge of dying if it isn't dead yet.}}

Tommy: I thought you just said you were gonna try and snap out of it........

{{Tommy shakes his head. He shrugs it away.}}

Rickman: I'll be good after my fight tonight, it'll let me blow off steam and kicking ass always puts me in good spirits. I'm not planning to lose this one.  you are still coming out to it right? 

Tommy: I'll be in your corner as I said I would be. This is a great start for you, amature wrestling is good to have as a skill in my industry, but you need to be good at brawling and fighting in general. Man I have had a number of street fights in the WWX, wrestling is just a part of it. Your military training should also prove useful. 

{{Tommy pats Blade on the back.}}

Tommy: So the dead one then?

Rickman: Yeah man, once it's decorated it'll look nice and hey man, you saved my ass, you could have neglected me after what happened out there in Florida. So I think I'm paying it forward getting this tree because if I don't get it no one will and it'll just end up in the trash. 

Tommy: Sure. Hey listen, speaking of neglection, I'll be right back these guys clearly want my thoughts as we approach Ravage. 

Rickman: Man, you have been very busy with that cam crew this week. 

Tommy: You get use to it

{{Tommy goes to walk away but turns to look back at Blade.}}

 Tommy: I swear.

Rickman: You should let me come this week and be in your corner. 

Tommy: Maybe, we will talk about it. I'll be back in a few... grab the tree I won't be long. 

{{Tommy walks away from Rickman and finds an open spot, quiet and away from the people in the yard. He scratches his chin, most likely wondering where to start.}}

Tommy: When you look around what do you see? Tress right, many trees of different shapes and sizes, but they are just that, trees... So how do you know which to pick? You only pick one, that one tree that will stand tall with pride in your home that you decorate or for this purpose we will say, you groom to show off for all those to see. Allow it its moment to shine. Of all the other trees that could have been chosen for some reason this one tree stood out to you and you chose it above any other tree. That is how I felt about Rex McAllister, I had an in with the Big Time Agency, I could have probably done a lot to help those guys out but I didn't pick them. I had another choice of teaming with the Corporal himself, Corporal Sanders... But I didn't choose him either. There were a couple of others who had reached out to me but again I didn't choose them. For Rex was the tree that stood out to me. Knowing what I know now I wouldn't change my mind. We had a solid year together and had some awesome moments. To him he chose me, as he himself pointed out, he too had options; but it was Tommy Lipton who stood out most to him. Now we know his game plan wasn't a long term partnership and when we lost the tag titles he could have left to do his own thing, I could have left to do my own thing.

{{Tommy shrugs. He lightly kicks the ground beneath his Vans kicking at a few rocks. He stops and pulls a beer from out of his coat.}} 

Tommy: You bring the beer, I'll bring the pain... heh.

{{Tommy laughs softly and then he looks back forward at the camera.}} 

Tommy: But yet we still chose to be a team. His short term plan became a long term plan so despite what he wants to tell everyone, he was equally invested in this brotherhood as I was. It just was that... I wasn't a dick! 
So be it... 
There was a time I would have done the same thing, but time changes for everyone differently. 

{{Tommy finds a tree stump and takes a seat.}}

Tommy:  I am very much focused on what needs to happen now, what I must do. I face a man who is not the same, he is not the man I teamed with and he is not a friend... He is a man who will show me no mercy, his obsession with taking me down was made most clear but it is something I am very accustomed too and it is within my comfort zone to have a target on my back. For hey, When you are mostly a champion you learn that anyone who gets close to you is more than likely looking to stab you in the back and take advantage at the first chance they see. So as Rex tries hard to evolve who he is into this creep, into a vicious competitor, I am sitting here on this tree stomp thankful, I am thankful because my weakness was emotion... My emotion I had for a friend, a bond I had grown with him over the year which made me very hesitant to take him down... But that man I knew is gone so thank you Rex McAllister, you made what I need to do so much easier. So sure make your transition but do not think it is a transition that will help lead you to victory over me. If anything this transition may prove to be your downfall against me however it could prove prosperous in the near future but not today, not in the present, not while you go toe to toe with Tommy Lipton! 

{{Tommy looks around. He looks at the ground folding his arms over his knees as he leans forward.}}

Tommy: I too Rex am very okay with solitude, it gives me the perfect chance to do some thinking, away from distractions. In fact most of my life it's just been me. It's just been about me, Mr. Number One... I'm not use to having friends or allies. So do not think I am unaware of the situation thats unfolded here...  do not think I'm coming unprepared for a war.

{{He takes a drink from the beer can.}}

Tommy: It's a submission match, it's all about having one of us tap and submit. One will give, while the other will be victorious. I plan very much so to be victorious. 
I am coming... 

{{Tommy stands up and he walks away crossing the tree line and disappears through the trees.}}


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