Planting roots

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Thu, Oct19, 2017 10:37am America/Phoenix
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Planting roots
The colorful trees glisten from the moisture of the early morning due. The damp green grass blows slightly as the wind pushes. The doors of an abandon barn creek as they slightly swing open and close. If the setting looks familiar to some it would be because this was the hang out spot of Tommys Allias, Dark Shadow. 
The view gives a clear look onto a quiet lake in the far distance. The rocky cliffs forming around the lake can also be seen and as the camera pans around three ATV's with an attached trailers iare seen unoccupied. The large barn door to the barn is pushed open and Tommy Lipton is seen now in sweats and a T. 

TL: Come on in. 

Heading into the abandon barn we see that Lipton has been busy with some friends setting up a place to work out. There's a few Iron Man benches with dumbbells laid out on a shelf of his buds is packing up what appears to be a punching bag with hay straw. A large thick tire is leaning against a wall with a sledge hammer next to it. A stage made up of straw is also in the far area of the barn surrounded by three ropes to make a ring. 
Steel pipes and other heavy items are also placed around the area. A climbing ropes hang in the middle of the barn. It's obvious Tommy Lipton is preparing for a hard training program. 

TL: Welcome to my new home for the time being... A place that will remind me of the hell I went through to be at the top of this industry. It will reintroduce me to my old roots and will get me ready for the grandest stage of them all in the World Wrestling Xistence, that's right ladies and gents, I am talking about Hall of Pain. As you saw on Fury I have the right to any title I want! You can bet your ass that I will jump on this opportunity! 

Tommy walks over and leans down to grab a bottle of water from a cooler bag. 
He opens and takes a long swig till half the bottle is gone. 

TL: World Series and the other night on Fury has taught me that I have gotten way too comfortable in the tag division where I almost expect Rex to be there and to watch my back or relieve me if I am feeling gassed in my older age. BUT dont mistake this as me saying I am old at all, nope! You see I am more mature and more knowledgeable of this business than ever before...  MAKING me more of a threat, more dangerous to all of you! 

Tommy points his finger at the camera. 

TL: One of you by the name of Willie Steen will have a date with me on this upcoming Fury! Do not get comfortable on that new WWX2k18 game that just released because Steen, this is the real thing.... if you don't game then basically I mean just don't go into this thinking you'll be the one with his arm raised at the end. 

Adam: Hey Tom, the rings almost set up we just need to put mats on it. Are you talking with the WWX Universe?

TL: Sure am, and great that's good. This place is coming along nicely. 

Adam: Oh Yeah, are you going to address Rex?

TL: I discussed him a bit... how I am used to having him there but will have to get back into the solo mindset...

Adam: What about him punching you, even though it benefits you ... still... 

TL: I was just about to come to that... 

Adam: Well Yeah, he's suppose to be your bro, he should have known you can more than handle things on your own. 

TL: Especially with a guy like Blaze..  So 

Tommy turns to face the camera lens... 

TL: As for Rex.... 

Tommy finishes the water and tosses the bottle in a nearby garbage can. 

TL: So Rex McAllister, why you felt the need to hit me I will never know... You and I both know I could have won the match without that contradicting ending... Krimzon Blaze is good, I will give him that but as good as me... Not even a fair contest. But you did what you did and my hand was raised up in victory. It wouldnt have changed the outcome either way but really you just saved Blaze from a bit more asswhooping... he owes you a thanks. 
You and I closed the show locking hands and eyes, our brothership this past year has been extremely tight and it is the first time in my whole career that I had put so much trust into someone. It is the first time I truly felt I had a brother here and although in the earlier days I was unsure how long we would last those doubts quickly faded...  We are brothers and I am very pleased that we parted last Fury on better terms than we started it. 
Now Bourne he gave us a choice, I think it's pretty clear the title I am going for but I'll be making an official announcement after I beat Willie Steen on Fury. I wish Rex McAllister the best of luck and the McAllister Lipton Tandem will one day highlight the card again... I am sure of it.

Tommy Lipton looks behind him at Adam... he then turns to the camera... 

TL: Willie Steen... I Am Coming!  

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