Planting the seed

Roleplay Roleplay by GIMMICK JONES
On Sat, Jun09, 2018 2:05am America/Phoenix
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Planting the seed
[SCENE: Shady Acres Mobile Trailer Park]

[LOCATION: Washington D.C.]

[TIME: 11:48 A.M.]

Random female voice: “Go to hell you sorry good for nothing bastard!”

Random male voice: “I’m already there you dumb b!+ch.”

[Several dozens of hand crushed empty beer cans are shown in random places, including floating in the small bowl fish tank on top of the non-working TV/table.]

[A lifeless figure lays face down and motionless on the couch that has a red and blue flannel pattern design, wearing novelty “Pendragon Clan’ boxers while recovering from Chicago’s Bloodshed and sleeping off a massive hangover coma.] 

[The unmistakable country twang of Garth Brooks “The Thunder Rolls” rattles the Beatrice and Jeffrey Pendragon 8x10 framed pictures off the paper thin mobile trailer walls when an even louder Mexican Mariachi song plays through the paper thin mobile home walls from the other side of the trailer. Gimmick Jones rolls over on the couch to his back and covers his ears with a flimsy, thin, worn out pillow.]

“I hate people.”

[Those three simple muffled words are the last we hear as the scene fades to black.]



[“Hammer Time” by M.C. Hammer HITS and Gimmick Jones “Hammer-dances” out on stage in obscenely colorful parachute pants and bright red high-top sneakers.]

GJ: “It feels good to be right here in MY HOMETOWN... (cheap pop) ...of whatever craphole cesspool of a city this is. (BOOOOO!!!) I see that stupid look on all of your slack jawed mouth breather morons faces! (BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!) Wearing that look of confusion as if thinking causes brain freeze with “THE ENTIRE WWX UNIVERSE!!!!” 

[Gimmick Jones mockingly panders to the crowd in an overtly condescending way.]


You all are sitting there, with your lazy asses sitting on the edge of your seats, asking HOW can it be that the World Famous Gimmick Jones is from MY hometown? The place that IS America’s bedpan, also known as Washington D.C.? (BOOOOOO!)

Simple. Wherever I lay my head is where I call home. Last night, home was the Shady Acres Mobile Trailer Park. Next week? My new hometown will be in a NEW city. A BETTER city! Of course, anywhere is better than this garbage dump so that’s not saying much. (BOOOOOOO!)

On the plus side, all of you idiots get to pay for the privilege of seeing yours truly beat and defeat a former International Champion in one Scott Grayse. (CHEER!)

Hey Scotty. Why don’t you come out here and GRAYSE us with your presence so that I can give you an ear full of what I REALLY think about y--.

[Gimmick Jones is interrupted mid-sentence by the familiar sounds of “Psycho” by Breaking Benjamin hits the P.A. loudspeakers and the crowd roars with excitement.]

HART: “Better be careful what you ask for young rookie.”

LANE: “Look at Gimmick Jones shake like a leaf, he’s about to soil himself..”

[Gimmick Jones expresses concern and as he begins to pace nervously back and forth inside the ring then suddenly bursts into a fit of hysterical laughter when a midget dressed as Scott Grayse appears on the mainstage with an inflatable balloon shaped as the hammer known as “Hellen”.]

LANE: “Is it me, or does Scott Grayse look Bigger and more jacked than normal?”

HART: “It’s you. This is a shameless mockery.”

[Gimmick Jones drops to both knees calling for a timeout and begs off for mercy as midget Grayse waddles into the ring with inflatable “Hellen” and pulls her back ready to swing for kneecaps.]

GJ: “WHOA-WHOA-WHOA--whoa. Relax big fella, let’s not ignite that short fuse. Save it for payday on Wreckage, where I single handedly make you relevant once again.”

[Midget Grayse swings the inflatable version of Hellen and it the latex balloon bounces off the head of Gimmick Jones with a squeaky sound. Gimmick Jones no sells and then immediately runs the bottom of his boot through the face of midget Grayse! JONES demands a microphone to speak and glares directly into the main camera.]

 GJ: “Scott Grayse. You are a dead man walking and at Wreckage? YOU will face judgement.”

[Gimmick Jones throws the microphone down onto the chest of midget Grayse with force, slamming it hard and watching as the mic ricochets off before exiting the ring to head to the back with a confident, nonchalant smile on his ruggedly handsome face.]


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