Played Right Into My Hands

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Sat, Nov25, 2017 4:25am America/Phoenix
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Played Right Into My Hands
???: Hahahahaha......hahahahaha.........HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! You have played RIGHT into my hands Fozzy Ozbourne. You have played right into my hands.

A light flickers on and off in what appears to be a dim-lit and dark housing complex of some kind. Xavier sitis in a chair backwards. A table sits to the left of him with a single lit candle sitting in the middle of the table, burning bright.

XAVIER: Fozzy, Fozzy, Fozzy. You got me all wrong. I never did say that you owed me anything. If you owe me anything Fozzy, is RESPECT. You see Fozzy, I actually respected you on the grounds that within your first 10 matches that you became TV Champion. You see Fozzy, rookies like you come a dime a dozen. All of ya looking to make a big name for yourself and shoot to the top the quickest way possible. Me? I have already paid my dues to get to where I am in this business today. I am the first 5-time International AND tag team Champion: a feat that NO ONE has yet to accomplish. The only title I have yet to acquire is the WWX Undisputed Championship. Do you think I'm going to actually put up my chance at becoming Undisputed Champion? If so, then you much more of a fool than I gave you credit for.

Xavier stands up and seemingly takes out 2 more candles, using the single candle to light the other 2. He then blows out the single candle, leaving the two freshly lit candles on the table.

XAVIER: You see these two candles on the table here Fozzy? They represent the two of us. No titles. No cases. No nothing. Just us. Of course both of these candles are currently burning at the same time. The question would be which one of these candles would burn out first.

???: Babe, what are you talking about?

Beatrice walks into camera view.

XAVIER: Fozzy said that he beat you and my "boyfriend" and that this week on Ravage he was going to beat me.

BEATRICE: Oh, him. 

XAVIER: If my memory serves me correctly, it was him and Blaze that bested you and Super Bacon. Not just him and it was also a tag team match. Not a singles match.

BEATRICE: Apparently he's still suffering from the Snipe Out I gave him from the Wreckage before that tag match.

XAVIER: Either way Beatrice, he's been here less than 3 months and he's assuming that I'm going to automatically accept his little challenge and according to him, he's going to downright beat me and keep his title and my case that I busted my a$$ and went through hell just to get so he can get free ride to becoming a dual champion early on. No, son. I don't know where you get off thinking where I should count my lucky stars that you wasn't in the Race for the Case match at Hall of Pain from, but if you think that you would have walked out of that match with the case I currently have in my possession, then you're a idiot for thinking it. I aleady know what you're thinking. Just about everyone I have faced since I returned to in-ring competition have said that they was going to wipe the floor with me only to discover that it wasn't as easy as they thought it would be and you are no different. I admit, I may have been a little sloppy when I faced Euan Milton last week, but that's in the past. Come Ravage Fozzy Ozbourne, you will discover first-hand why I am who I am.

Beatrice then blows a candle. As she proceeds to blow out the second candle, Xavier stops her.

XAVIER: I STRONGLY suggest you get ready for a fight Fozzy. And you better pray that I don't reign hell on Earth upon you.

Xavier then blows out the last candle.

scene fades

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