Playing For Keeps

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Mon, Oct30, 2017 7:45am America/Phoenix
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Playing For Keeps
The scene pans into a dark gymnasium, where Rex McAllister is shown sitting in a dark area at the bleachers. There is a single spotlight on a wrestling ring. Rex finally stands up and walks over toward the ring and into the light. Rex is donning his ring attire for this occasion. Rex runs his right hand along the ring apron walking at ringside slow and methodically.

Rex McAllister: You're moment, is it?

Rex begins to chuckle at the thought.

Rex McAllister: How very cliche. No matter, because I say what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Anything you can do, I can do better.

A devious grin slowly grows upon Rex's face. Rex begins making his way up the ring steps.

Rex McAllister: You see, Syndicate. You can hide behind all of the accomplishments that your heart so desires to. Most do when they don't have anything else that they know to draw upon when they need it the most. In most cases it's applauded. Besides, what sort of a world would it be if people bled all over the grounds they walk upon, if they wept under trees, smacked whom ever they despised, shook hands with beautiful strangers, and revealed themselves? 

Rex pauses a moment as he looks at the camera with a deadpanned looks almost as if awaiting an answer, and then continues. Rex is in the ring now. 

Rex McAllister: What do you know of my true nature, my intentions? What do you know of anything but that of your own liberation? I live of the body and a mind that is unconquerable. We all have finite time and energy. There's a time and a place for everything. What you mistake as ridicule, is really where you are trying real hard to dismiss the facts.

Rex McAllister: For a whole year you had a chance to do at the top what me and Tommy Lipton did with a division that nobody gave us much of a chance to do, and make the tag team division relevant. That was our intent! 

Rex pauses a moment, brooding inside with a bit of disappointment, mixed with mostly satisfaction.

Rex McAllister: I didn't come back because I saw you or anyone else as a threat. I saw an opportunity to evolve. I saw an opportunity to re-establish and remind everyone just how much of a difference there was in parity and prosperity, than there is with entitlement and greed, an opportunity I embraced because I always knew my spot at the top would be waiting for me. Myself and Tommy Lipton put aside our individual agendas to forward the tag Division and this company. We brought prestige and relevance. You simply stood at the top because we allowed it. We warned you months ago that we would eventually come to claim what we always knew we could see being ours. When this over you won't have what you covet most, that much I will ensure you of.

Rex shakes his head and a smirk comes over him. Rex then rests on one of the turnbuckles as he ponders his next words. He has a look of amusement on his face.

Rex McAllister: Darkness, you're the last person that should be speaking about feeble attempts at anything, when your whole return this year has been just that to try and prove you are worth anyone's time anymore.

Rex has a nice chuckle

Rex McAllister: Everyone knows about all the crying and whining backstage just because you feel slighted at being placed in situations that aren't feasible for someone like you. You feel some sense of entitlement for all of your years of service, but let's face facts. You haven't meant anything in the way of fear to anyone in years. You wasted a few moments in front of a camera that you can't get back, spouting off about things that are of only your opinion and yours only, which means little to nothing.

Rex McAllister: When this is over, and you're no longer speaking from the top of the mountain from which you will be pulled from? You will go back to being the relic that you were, back where you belong, becoming the next footnote that fell at the feet of absolute Rexcellence!

Rex hops off the turnbuckle and slowly turns his head to right, his back to the camera now. He let's out a sinister sound of laughter before slowly turning back toward the camera.

Rex McAllister: Hall of Pain, another historical night that will be added to the annals of WWX lore, and what better way to remember it than the night The Rex Master secures his place in it's illustrious history by becoming the next Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion. And that...will be... REXCELLENT.

A hint of a smile envelopes over Rex's face as the scene begins to fade.


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